19 Images That Show the Underside of Modern Society, and They’re So Realistic That They Give Us Goosebumps

Polish artist Paweł Kuczyński is famous for his poignant caricatures of modern society. He exposes its dark side — people’s addiction to technology and gadgets, the banking industry, and social media. Paweł’s honest works, revealing life around us, have hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. Thus, the artist’s Instagram account has almost 300,000 subscribers, and his official group has over 550,000 members.

19 Comics That Break the Stereotypes About Women and Inspire Self-Love

A Belgian artist who is known under the nickname Planet Prudence has loved painting since she was a child. But a painful experience in art school made her abandon the thing she loved the most. However, a few years later, she realized that she couldn’t live without drawing. So, she started creating comics revolving around women and their bodies. These comics break social stereotypes and encourage women to find inner harmony and peace by accepting their bodies and themselves.

Artist Skilfully Captures the Bitter Side of Life in Relatable Comic Strips

Many of us, consumed by daily life, forget to look at the world from a different perspective. Fortunately, Anton Gudim can help us fix that. He publishes a series of comics with the simple title Yes, but, which show us glimpses of everyday life with humor and light satire.