10 Ordinary Habits That Hurt our Health bit by bit Every Day

Every day, we wash our faces, brush our teeth, apply our favorite cream, and wear our favorite slippers. But few people realize that some of these actions may actually cause harm to our health. More than that, the effects do not appear right away, so we can’t even identify the cause.

We at CHEERY have read this list of bad habits several times and promised ourselves to never do these things again.

1. Drying your face with the same towel as your body

Dermatologists strongly recommend to avoid doing it. For starters, nobody changes towels every day, so there’s a lot of bacteria on them that we can’t see. This causes the tender facial skin to get covered in acne. Besides, terry cloth towels we use for the body can create facial skin defects because they are too rough. And they can also dehydrate the skin.

2. Wearing cheap slippers at home

Synthetic slippers may be both warm and comfortable. However, feet don’t “breathe” in them — such materials don’t let the air through and create a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria. And of course, feet will soon have an unpleasant smell. It’s better to spend more money and buy slippers made from suede or wool. And pay attention to the soles: good slippers should support the arch of the foot. that will prevent pains in your legs.

3. Blowing your nose as hard as possible or suppressing a sneeze

Sometimes, when we try to blow our nose too hard, some bacteria may travel down the Eustachian tubes from the nose to the ear and cause an infection there. Suppressing a sneeze is also a bad idea: too much pressure is created in the nose which is dangerous for the blood vessels. The next time you want to sneeze, it’s better to turn way from the people you are with and cover your nose with your hand.

4. Brushing teeth after breakfast

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth right after you wake up. It helps get rid of the plaque, and create a protective barrier from the acids in the food. Besides, after eating, tooth enamel becomes softer and more sensitive to mechanical movements, such as brushing. And if you still want to brush your teeth after breakfast, it’s better to wait for at least 30 minutes. It’s enough time for the enamel to become as strong as it usually is.

5. Touching your face

It significantly increases the risk of catching a cold or other infections. The problem is that viruses enter our bodies through the eyes and mouth. And when we rub our eyes or touch our lips, we improve it. By the way, scientists say that people touch their faces more 16 times an hour without even noticing.

6. Using expired beauty products

It’s better to buy a tube of fresh sunscreen every summer, and throw away mascara after 3 months of using. An open bottle with liquid products quickly becomes home for bacteria. As a result, unpleasant skin irritation may appear. However, you can use eyebrow and lip pencils for a longer time, around 1 year.

7. Drying your hair with a towel or leaving it on your head for a long time

If you quickly rub your hair with a towel, it starts to entangle and some hairs may even be pulled. Splitting ends are another unpleasant consequence. Also, leaving the towel on your hair for a long time is not a good idea either — it’s better to remove it after 20 minutes. It’s simple; after some time, the fabric won’t absorb any more moisture, and the hair will need way more time to dry under it.

8. Working out in the evening

Working out regularly improves the quality of sleep. But it’s important to do exercise in a certain time and not 1 hour before going to bed. This way, it will be really hard for your body to fall asleep. It’s better to work out before 7 pm in order not to mess with your circadian rhythms.

9. Wearing a bag on 1 shoulder

Many of us are constantly wearing a bag on the same shoulder and then complain about the pains. Doctors say that this habit makes the shoulder go forward and down, and the back and neck muscles may be stretched. Ideally, we should wear backpacks on both shoulders, or at least, alternate between the shoulders. Also, don’t wear bags with chains or narrow straps that will cut into the shoulder.

10. Putting a phone with a dirty screen near your face

Scientists say that the mobile phones we’re using all the time are covered with a lot of dangerous germs. We often touch the screen with dirty hands. This is why it’s important not to forget to disinfect the phone using special cleaners. Also, it’s better not to take the phone with you in the toilet to prevent germs from getting on to it.

Do you have such habits? Are you ready to change them?

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