16 Stars That Found Themselves in an Awkward Situation and Didn’t Even Blink an Eye

Celebrities are almost always under the relentless scrutiny of cameras, so it’s not surprising that each of their missteps quickly becomes public knowledge. Their elaborate outfits sometimes come apart at the seams or get caught on their heels, their speeches escape their minds, and their dresses, which looked perfect during fittings, can look completely different on stage. However, most stars pay no attention to these annoying little things and emerge from such situations with admirable humor.

14 Celebrity Outfits That Made a Lasting Impression

Celebrities are usually scrupulous when it comes to choosing their outfit for an important event. Some gowns are quickly forgotten, while others get a strong response from critics and the public, and continue to be remembered for years to come. While the comments may not be the most flattering, they’re bound to draw attention to the celebrity and their image. That’s how Rihanna’s “omelette” dress, for example, ended up being the top search for several years.

17 Tiny Mistakes from Movies That Were Noticed By Attentive Viewers

Filmmaking is a time-consuming and complicated process. The filming of a single scene may take a few hours or even days. And the editing can be done using footage taken during different periods of time. This is why bloopers appear.An actor can put on the wrong accessory, or a set dresser can arrange props in a different way. Sometimes it even happens that the movie director makes a mistake on purpose, as if trying to send a hidden message to viewers.

12 Times Attentive Viewers Noticed Inaccuracies in Movie Costume Designs

Creating a film is hard work and often requires hundreds of people, so the chances of making a mistake on set are huge. Some of these mistakes end up in the bloopers, but there are some goofs that appear in the film itself and shock viewers. They’re often the result of blunders made by costume designers, especially in historical movies.

12 Mysterious Disappearances That Still Have Historians Puzzled

When people suddenly disappear without a trace, these events quickly get surrounded by many legends. For some incidents, such as the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, researchers have subsequently found perfectly reasonable and justifiable explanations. But some cases, like that of Marie Empress, the silent film star, or Dorothy Arnold, the New York socialite, remain unsolved. These stories are still the subject of lively debate, and scholars never get tired of putting forward different versions of events.

16 Photos That Show What is Hiding Inside Ordinary Objects

It seems that an ordinary pregnancy test, Rubik’s Cube, or elevator shaft can’t hide any secrets. Despite the fact that we use many items every day, we rarely think about how exactly they work.

17 Mysterious Objects That Spur Our Imagination

Imagination is so powerful, it is even capable of creating objects so unique that not everyone can understand what they are for. Nature is not far behind and also shows its inventiveness in, for example, plants that are common to some and a mystery to others. Fortunately, there is no need to hire detectives to find out what we have in front of us.

14 World-Famous Celebs Who Were Born Outside of the US

They were once outsiders to Hollywood but managed to put a spell on things with their accents, foreign looks, and artistic talents. It’s easy for many people to link celebrities to America but these actors and singers have other countries they call home. And their origins add a unique richness and color to Hollywood that many of us love.

12 Lies Almost All of Us Have Encountered at Least Once in Our Lives

Many things in our world seem to us to be absolute truths that we don’t usually question. When we have a sore throat, we try to prefer hot drinks. We use household appliances less often to extend their lifespan. We claim that we are not good at math because our right brain hemisphere works better. However, many of these ideas are nothing but myths.

18 Mysterious Objects That Had the Entire Internet Puzzled Over Their Purpose

It would seem that in the 21st century we know everything about the world around us. But we can still come across things that’ll have us scratching our heads over their intended purpose. For example, why do some bras have extra straps? And, how could a metal ball end up in a baby’s cot? But the Internet can provide answers to almost any question.

12 Facts About Figure Skating That Reveal a Different Side of the Sport

According to a recent survey, figure skating takes the top spot for biggest number of fans among Winter Olympics disciplines. About 40% of respondents admitted to following this sport. Audiences enjoy the athletes’ costumes and polished movements. However, we are ready to go further and show you the world of figure skating from the inside. As it turns out, this popular sport is full of secrets and conventions.

20+ Photos That Make South Korea Look Like a Parallel Universe

Movies, music, and beauty products, these are the first things that come to mind when you think about South Korea. In fact, this mysterious, authentic, and not-very-popular tourist destination will surprise anyone, even a frequent and sophisticated traveler.

17 Times a Film’s Makeup and Hairstyles Provoked a Lot of Questions

A film is a result of the work of a huge crew. Many of the people behind the scenes of a film are overshadowed by the actors, writers, and directors, and their contributions might seem minor. Well, we don’t notice their work either as long as they do it well, but once they make a mistake, it’s extremely noticeable and impacts the overall impression of the film.

12 Times Creators Left Hidden Nods and Tributes Inside Their Movies

Sometimes small hidden marks in movies can be as important as what’s in the script, and even play a role in helping audiences understand the plot of the film. Spotting these little nods and tributes can be fun for the observant viewer. It can also give the audience more information about the creators of our favorite movies than any biography.

7 Tricks That Will Help You to Fall Asleep Easily

Many people will tell you to start meditating or keeping a sleep diary if you experience trouble sleeping. But that’s not exactly helpful when you wake up at 3 a.m., and all you want is to go back to sleep. What you need are practical ways to induce sleep. For some, you’ll need to get out of bed, but for some others, all you have to do is stay where you are.

14 Things That Prove Even Tiny Details in Animated Movies Have Their Own Meaning

Usually, we think that animated movies are intended mostly for kids, and so we expect the content and animation to be rather simple and plain. But creators of movies take their job quite seriously and pay attention to every little detail. Some Easter eggs or secret winks connect these productions with others and are noticed only by the most attentive viewers.

12 Weird Treatments and Customs That Helped Women Keep Their Beauty in Previous Ages

Even today, when store shelves are full of all sorts of beauty products, it’s not very easy to take good care of yourself. Obviously, it was much harder in the past. But no matter when men and women have always appreciated attractive appearances and have wanted to look as good as possible. In the past, it took a lot of effort and the ingredients they used will shock any modern person.

NASA Has Discovered Enigmatic Spokes that Are in Motion Along the Rings of Saturn

Planetary scientists were able to observe the reappearance of unusual formations on Saturn’s rings, identified as blotches on the left side of the rings, thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope.

10 Popular Foods That Surprisingly Contain More Sugar Than We Could Expect

Experts recommend that women should only consume 24 grams of sugar a day, while men are allowed up to 36 grams. But did you know that a can of soda already contains nearly 40 grams of sugar? Granted, everyone knows sodas are high in sugar, but many are unaware that a can of tomato soup can hold up to 20 grams of sugar per serving, and your favorite apple juice, even if labeled unsweetened, has about 25 grams of sugar a cup.

10 Celebrities Who Didn’t Let Life Circumstances Stop Them on Their Way to Fame

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to follow celebrities, and having them be your role model is one of them. Not all famous people reached stardom immediately — a lot of them had to struggle and be persistent, and their efforts paid off. We compiled a list full of different celebrities’ life stories.