12 Facts About Wet Nurses, Who Sacrificed so Much for Other People’s Children

Wet nursing was one of the first occupations in history to generate income for women. For several millennia, girls chose this career to nurture other people’s children and often played a more important role in their lives than the parents themselves. That said, these women rarely feature in historical novels or movies, even though some aspects of their lives were just as fascinating as some of the facts about monarchs and aristocrats.

14 Things You Should Never Buy Used, Even if They’re Really Cheap

Buying used things doesn’t only help keep the budget in check, but it’s also good for the environment. However, there are some goods that you shouldn’t buy if they are used. It might lead to substantial financial investments, and harm your health.

14 Strange Objects which Brings More Questions than Answers

There is a community on Reddit called “For the identification of mysterious objects.” Its participants publish photos of strange objects whose purpose is hard to identify at first glance. Other participants of this community try to guess how these objects can be used.

15 Questions From “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” That Confused the Players, but not You

There’s probably not a single person on planet Earth that has never watched Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The show has been on TV for over 20 years. It’s so popular that even the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire was based on it. While the main character wins money with ease, it’s not at all that simple in real life. Just think about it: only 6 people were able to win its top prize of £1 million in the British version of the game.

12 Pleasant Effects of a Digital Detox That Make It Worth the Struggle

Social media have become an integral part of our lives. They make our personal and business communications easier and unite people with similar interests around the entire world. We spend around 2,5 hours a day checking our feed. So, an average social media user spends more than 1 month on online communication per year. Some digital minimalists were so impressed with this number, that they decided to take a break.

13 Facts We Had No Idea About, and Now, We Can’t Forget Them

Today, there are many ways to learn something new about the world and ordinary things: you can read books, talk to experts, or google the information. And sometimes, we make small discoveries accidentally, even if we hadn’t thought about these things previously.

How Timothée Chalamet Became a Symbol of the Gender Revolution, and Created a New Kind of Hero That Doesn’t Rely on Masculinity

Recently, filmgoers of all ages can’t take their eyes off the slender young man with the expressive eyes and auburn curls. The 26-year-old Timothée Chalamet has, in the space of just a few years, become a Hollywood phenomenon, the most influential man in fashion, and a symbol of the new, free generation. Furthermore, he has shown everyone that male beauty can be based on gender ambivalence.

13 Myths About Pregnancy Our Ancestors Believed In, and Today, They Seem Wild

Even today, having a baby may be a true challenge for a future mom. But in the past, before the development of all sorts of medical technology, expecting a baby and giving birth were a big feel. Of course, in the past, people also wanted to give the best care possible to the woman and the baby, even though, these methods look shocking today.

20+ X-Ray Shots Showing the World From a New Perspective

Before X-ray was invented, we could only dream of looking inside of something without damaging it. Fortunately, today, it’s not a problem, and a single shot can satisfy our curiosity. Some inventions are made for scientific or medical purposes, and some are made entirely for fun.

13 Facts About India That Can Stun Even an Experienced Traveler

India is one of the countries where you feel a special atmosphere, and life there is not like anywhere else. When thinking about India, most people remember Bollywood, yoga, cows just walking around, spices, and women in sari. But this ancient country has a lot of other really interesting stuff worth learning about.

14 Stars Who Regret Getting Plastic Surgery and Aren’t Ashamed to Admit It

Many celebrities openly admit to undergoing cosmetic procedures, or even entrusting their appearance to plastic surgeons in order to always look like “a million dollars”. And while some stars are happy with the results, there are those who regret having changed their appearance, and now openly admit to it.

14 Things That Were Super Trendy Only Yesterday, but Are Not Worth Your Money Today

As you know, fashion is unpredictable and cyclical. Many of the trends that were popular only yesterday, look really outdated today.

15 Weird Items The Purpose of Which Was a Mistery Until Today

Almost 2 million people follow the Reddit community “What is this thing.” Some users publish their photos of weird things there, others try to guess what the thing is in the photos.

13 Controversial Facts About Figure Skating Hiding Behind the Pretty Picture

Figure skating is one of the most spectacular, colourful and popular sports amongst a wide range of audiences. But no matter how glamorous and colourful the world of figure skating may seem from the outside, there are more pitfalls than you might think at a glance. Viewers only see the pretty picture, but few realize the secrets hidden behind it.

20 Photos That Prove the Year 2007 Had Its Own Particular Atmosphere

Every year has its own charm. But the year 2007 is known for many important events — the growth of social networks, the introduction of iPhone, many great movies, etc. These are just a few of the events that took place on that year.

12 Masterpieces Everyone Knows, but few Have Noticed the Hidden Details

They say that it’s the prerogative of contemporary art to confuse the viewer. But classical paintings might be full of even more secrets. Such great masters as Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Da Vinci left signs and codes in their paintings, which the best minds of mankind have been pondering on for centuries.

12 Facts About the 19th Century That Will Dispel any Romantic Notions You Have of That Time

Popular films and books often depict life in the 19th century veiled in a very romantic haze. It seems to us, that elegant ladies in those days did nothing but go to fancy shops, balls and enjoy gourmet meals in cafés. While the gentlemen were exceptionally polite and courteous. In fact, even a visit to the shops required careful planning on the lady’s part, and noble men could sometimes cause a lot of trouble.

10+ Times That Directors Made Questionable Casting Choices, and Viewers Couldn’t Forgive Them

One of the most important elements of any movie or series is the cast. Sometimes it’s really hard to please both viewers and critics, especially when it comes to biopics or popular franchises. Let’s not forget that quite often, casting managers choose actors who are not necessarily the best for the role but who are really popular at the moment. And many viewers don’t like these choices.

12 Facts That Clearly Show What Life Was Really Like in the Middle Ages

The Middle Ages are often either romanticized in movies and books or pictured in very dark ways. But during the period that took place from the 6th to the 16th century, people’s life wasn’t as hard as it seems now. And some things, like University rules, even make us jealous.

13 Unexpected Indicators of High Intelligence That May Be Just As Illustrative As IQ Tests

We’re used to relying on test results to evaluate people’s IQ. But there are other, not-so-obvious indicators of high intelligence. For example, it’s quite possible that messiness or forgetfulness may be a sign that a person is much smarter than they think.