12 Things That Are Easy to Confuse if You Don’t Know the Little Details

If you have confused bilberry with blueberry, tortillas with wraps, and sherbet with sorbet, you’re not alone. It’s the same for Antarctica and the Antarctic. In this article, we’re going to talk about these and some other things people often confuse.

20 Pics Clearly Showing How the World Changed Through the Last Century

Most of us have an idea of how the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China looks today. However, 100 years ago many popular today sights looked absolutely different. For example, in 1911 the researcher Hiram Bingham discovered the city of ancient America — Machu Picchu — completely hidden by thickets of bushes and trees. Sometimes the comparison of 2 photos can tell more details about the history, than any textbook.

13 Famous Actors and Actresses That Didn’t Gave Up and Fight for Their Dream

The path to fame is never easy. The ability to deal with failure and not lose faith in yourself are very important qualities in any profession, and acting is not an exception. Even famous and Oscar-winning Hollywood stars had to deal with a lot of rejections at the beginning of their careers and they often saw doors close right in front of them.

12 Simple Things That Treacherously Push Us Towards Needless Spending

We often promise ourselves, before doing the weekly shopping, to only buy the things we need and strictly stick to the shopping list. However, we still end up coming home with much more. Often people spend extra money thanks to successful marketing. But other factors, such as drinks or weather, can also influence our impulsive behavior. Luckily, unnecessary spending can be prevented.

How Our First Impression Forms, and Why It May Be Wrong

From an early age, we are taught not to judge a book by its cover, and at the same time, we hear about the importance of an impression. On the internet, there are a lot of recommendations on how to influence the opinion of other people, how to behave when you meet someone for the first time, what to say, and what clothes to wear. No matter how hard we try to follow these recommendations, for some reason, they don’t always work.

17 People Who Found Gizmos so Mysterious They Had To Ask the Entire Internet for Help

You found a mysterious-looking old artifact at home and you’ve got absolutely no idea what it’s used for — an ancient container or something looking like an alien life form in your milk. Good thing there are a lot of intelligent individuals on the internet that could help in such bizarre cases. Today at CHEERY, we want to show you 17 cases in which people were bewildered by strange items, but the internet helped them solve the case.

16 Photos Showing How Image of Women Changed Through the Last Century

In the past 100 years, people’s lives have changed completely. Work has become way easier, life conditions have improved, and medicine has advanced. These things have led to the fact that now we live much longer than our predecessors. And of course, it changed our appearance. Just look at how much modern singers, scientists, and writers are different from their colleagues from the past.

16 Facts About Wild Nature That Completely Changed Our View of It

There are over 7 million animal species in total on our planet. We have never seen most of them. But even the species we think we know well might still have some secrets. As it turns out, in some, milk oozes right from the sweat glands, others can fly backward, and some can even grow limbs.

10+ Facts About the Inuit, Who Have Managed to Preserve Their Culture for Over Five Millennia

The modern-day Inuit, of whom there are about 150.000 worldwide, live in Canada, Greenland, Denmark, and the United States. They have survived for centuries in the harsh environment of the Far North and even now face challenges that others can hardly imagine. And yet they have managed to keep their culture and traditions intact for over 5000 years.

15 Fun Facts About Shoes That Most of Us Have Never Heard Of

Footwear is something we can’t imagine our lives without today. It also has a very long, extensive, and highly entertaining history, which few people have delved into. How shoes used to be measured, how much the most expensive pair costs, the meaning behind Dorothy’s red shoes from The Wizard of Oz, and much more — this wardrobe item can surprise even the most knowledgeable.

How Women Fought for the Right to Go to Restaurants, and Why They Are Still Offered the Ladies’ Menu

Nowadays, before going to a restaurant, women just choose the cuisine they want to try and decide on the amount of money they are ready to spend. But several decades before, the doors of many places were closed to the ladies. A lot has changed in the past years, but there are still some etiquette rules that seem completely inappropriate today.

7 Ideas About Ancient Egypt We Believe Thanks to Movies

Cinema is one of the most popular kinds of art and what entire mass culture is often based on. Thanks to films, we develop certain ideas about famous people, countries, and time periods. But not all of them are true.

13 Brand Names That We Have Always Mispronounced, and How to Actually Say Them

Try to pronounce the following brand names: Adidas, Hermès, Hugo Boss, Hyundai, Miele, and Ferrero Rocher. Surprisingly, it turns out that we have mispronounced most of them all our life.

20+ Mysterious Objects That Puzzled the Entire Internet

Even people with a wide variety of knowledge can come across objects they’ve never heard of before. Interestingly, this often happens in places where we least expect it: at home, during an afternoon stroll, or in a thrift store. And it’s not that easy to figure out what exactly we’ve found.

12 Facts About Balls That Look Surprising Even for Fans of Historical Fiction

In the previous centuries, a ball was a popular form of entertainment. Everyone loved to dance, from representatives of high society to commoners. The preparation for this event required a lot of effort, from both hosts and guests. And it wasn’t just about the decoration of the ballroom and sending invitations. Because balls were usually held a few times a year.

Gene Tierney Was One of the First Celebs to Give Birth to a Special Child, and Her Story Became the Base for an Agatha Christie Novel

Gene Tierney was one of the brightest movie stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Despite what her parents thought, she chose an acting career, became extremely successful, and was a movie icon of the 1940s. Her talented acting in countless movies and her elegant beauty won the love of millions of fans. But the sincere love of the fans became the reason for the main tragedy in her life.

16 Actors Who Had a Hard Time Playing Their Most Famous Characters

Red carpet events, huge earnings, fame... It seems that internationally famous actors and actresses have it all. But many of them had to work really hard and make a great effort to rise to fame. So, after playing their most famous roles, they don’t always remember them with warmth.

12 Facts About Nefertiti Who Charmed a Pharaoh and Ruled With Him

Queen Nefertiti is one of the most famous figures in the history of ancient Egypt. However, she is shrouded in mystery. To this day we can’t know exact facts about her life, as most of the documents and images of those times were destroyed immediately after the end of her husband’s reign. Even her true appearance raises a lot of questions.

14 Women Who Changed Our World and Made History Despite the Twists of Fate

Today, most people are not surprised by women doing scientific studies, writing books, sewing clothes, working until they are old, creating software, and setting sports records. But it hasn’t always been like this, and many women that are famous today had to walk a difficult path before they became famous worldwide.

19 Essential Facts That Might Change Your View on Familiar Things

We are one with the universe, and we don’t just mean that figuratively. Science tells us that most of our body is made of cosmic dust. And speaking of the universe, it might come as a shock to find out that it is beige rather than dark blue. Some facts are so astonishing, they might be hard to believe at first despite being scientifically proven.