17 Curious Facts About Disney Princesses that Almost Everybody Missed

Many of us grew up watching cartoons both on TV and on the big screen, and the excitement of knowing that a new Disney movie was coming to theaters could leave us sleepless for days. Some of the most remembered and beloved films starred princesses, who have since been evolving and changing to adapt to the times.

Gina Lollobrigida, Hollywood’s First Beauty Queen, Wasn’t Afraid to Leave Cinema at 40 to Follow Her Other Passion

Many people remember Gina Lollobrigida primarily as an actress who was considered the most beautiful woman of the golden age of Hollywood. However, Gina herself has always preferred other forms of art, in which she was able to achieve impressive success after the age of 40. Lollobrigida has proven first-hand that a new career can start at any age, and the most important thing is to work tirelessly and truly love what you do.

13 Times Movie-Makers Were Not Accurate With Historical Costumes, Yet We Believed Them

Dozens of different specialists develop the style of a movie character, and they make sure that the costumes correspond to a certain historical era. But still, they can’t always avoid some mistakes. Even professionals make them. But sometimes creators turn a blind eye to little blunders for the sake of artistic expression.

19 Portraits of Famous People That Prove They Had Their Own “Photoshop” Experts in the Past

Like the photographers of today that have an idea for a perfect shot, angle, and other things, the artists of the past had their own vision of how to portray people. This is why some portraits are much better than others.

12 Scientific Facts About Our Bodies That Sound Fake but Are Actually True

Modern science seems to have already solved most mysteries surrounding the human body. But scientists still keep surprising us with things that give us a different perspective on the body. For example, our noses really change when we lie, and our fingertips can even feel large molecules.

10 Memorable Kisses From Movies That Turned Out to Be Absolutely Improvised

Even though all movies are scripted, actors use all the tricks in the book to sell us on their on-screen love stories. What is the best way to make a scene as genuine as possible? Improvise, of course! It can be intimidating to take your co-star by surprise and lay an unexpected kiss on them, but in almost all cases, the reward justifies the risk.

11 Actresses Who Drastically Change Their Appearance for New, Challenging Roles

Not every woman is ready to sacrifice her beauty, even for a short while. And if this woman is an actress, it’s a sign of her professionalism. It’s not an easy task to hide your looks behind glasses and a thick layer of makeup, but some movie stars handle it admirably.

How Bridal Fashion Has Changed Throughout History to the Present Day

When the topic of weddings comes up, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the bride’s white dress. The dress and the veil have become a symbol of the marriage ceremony. However, it is a relatively recent tradition, whereas weddings have been celebrated since ancient times. Today we found out what brides wore in different times over the centuries.

20+ Facts That Show Life in Microstates Is Really Different

Microstates are surrounded by myths. For instance, many people believe that only multimillionaires live in Monaco and only the priesthood lives in the Vatican. But usually, legends appear around something that causes interest. That’s because the majority of us have no idea what it’s like to live in a country that you can walk through in just one day.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Let Your Dog Sleep in Bed With You

According to surveys, 55% of pet owners said that they sleep in the same bed with their dogs and 31% — with their cats. For a long time, it was considered a bad idea, but modern scientific studies prove that this is nothing more than a misconception, and under certain conditions, it’s good for both animals and people.

13 Famous Brands with Interesting Stories Behind Their Logos and Names

All of us use products and services of dozens of different brands. At the same time, we rarely think about the story behind a certain brand name or logo. But the backstory behind a brand can tell us a lot about the original ideas of its founders. We put together 13 famous brands whose names and logos have an unusual idea behind them.

19 Facts About Pregnancy That Would Even Stun a Gynecologist

What happens to a woman’s body during pregnancy is truly magical. In less than a year, a brain, a heart, and all the other organs are formed from two tiny reproductive cells, which keep becoming more complex and eventually grow into a separate organism. This organism is then born into the world and becomes a new person. We’ve compiled a selection of 19 facts that reveal the details of this remarkable period in a woman’s life.

16 Celebrities Who Have Achieved Success Despite Their Medical Challenges

Fame and talent can’t protect famous people from diseases. So, they have to work and deal with their everyday problems regardless of pain or illnesses. And some celebrities even had to build their career despite their medical diagnoses and their physical and mental condition.

12 Celebrities Who Are Not Scared of Being a Single Parent

From transforming on demand into a mom or a dad to heavily multitasking, all while having a supernatural amount of patience, we can’t argue that it takes a superhero to raise a kid with no partner. And some stars are opening up to the world about their touching lives as single parents, proving that no fame or fortune compares to the fulfillment we get when we’re going through the challenging yet tender journey of parenthood alone.

13 Inventions and Discoveries Made by Genius Women

Even today, it’s not always easy for women to become successful in business or science. But in the past, female inventors and businesswomen often had to deal with mockery, prohibitions, and other obstacles on their paths to glory. But those challenges didn’t stop them, and thanks to these talented women, the world around us became more comfortable.

15 Actors That Changed So Much for Their Roles That We Recognized Them Only After the Titles

Costumes, makeup, and computer graphics can sometimes do such wonders that we can’t even recognize the most famous actors until we read the credits. You can watch a film twice and not realize that you’ve seen Keanu Reeves, Vincent Cassel, or Stanley Tucci.

12 Fashion Trends From Past Centuries That Have a Whole Story Behind Them

Some of the fashion trends of past centuries now seem more bewildering than delightful. However, people haven’t always been driven solely by reasons of looking attractive when creating their looks. There are some very ordinary reasons behind certain extravagant outfits and accessories.

15+ School Rules in Japan That Look Really Surprising

Japan is a country of surprises that never stops astonishing foreigners. Even a school year in the Land of the Rising Sun starts, not in August, but in April, and finishes in March. But that’s not the only interesting aspect of the Japanese educational system.

14 True Facts About Celebrities That Are so Stunning That They Seem Fake

Famous people don’t often share peculiar things about themselves. However, some of them have done things we find very hard to believe. For example, Jamie Lee Curtis patented a diaper, Paris Hilton loves catching frogs, and something about Mark Zuckerberg’s vision affected the Facebook logo design.

11 Rules of Social Behavior That We All Should Consider

Everyday etiquette is not just about choosing the right fork for eating a salad. It is also expressing respect to oneself and to those around. Sometimes seemingly insignificant actions can show a person’s good manners, or, on the contrary, characterize them as a person who could easily insult others.