Renee’s Been in a Wheelchair Since 7, but It Didn’t Stop Her From Traveling Around 117 Countries and Setting a Guinness World Record

Many people dream of traveling, but they think it’s something very complex. But some tourists prove that sometimes you just have to start. Renee Bruns is in a wheelchair, but she doesn’t let her disability stop her from discovering the world. She’s been to 117 countries and is not going to stop.

19 Photos That Prove Australia Is a Treasury of Impressions

Australia was the second country in the world to implement women’s suffrage. However, most people know this place thanks to its flora and fauna and some unusual everyday things. Therefore, we decided not to deviate from tradition and have made a selection of particularly vivid photos from the lives of people who have been to this country.

20+ Photos That Make South Korea Look Like a Parallel Universe

Movies, music, and beauty products, these are the first things that come to mind when you think about South Korea. In fact, this mysterious, authentic, and not-very-popular tourist destination will surprise anyone, even a frequent and sophisticated traveler.

25 Unforgettable Flight Experiences That Just Had to Be Immediately Shared With Everyone

In everyday life, we rarely pay attention to the details of the world around us, but the situation changes as soon as we get on an aircraft. We’re outside our usual routine and, as a result, once on board, we’re ready to observe every little thing that happens. So sometimes, being in the air is even more of an experience than the destination itself.

A Japanese Café Employs People With Paralysis to Operate Robot Waiters, Providing Them With a Source of Income

A common consequence of paralysis is limited mobility and a disruption to one’s daily life. However, in Tokyo, Japan, a café has discovered a more empowering approach for individuals with paralysis to both earn a living and engage with others: remotely operating robot waiters.

17 Hard-to-Believe Photos of Life in Japan

Facts about life in Japan never fail to evoke a special kind of feeling. It’s impossible not to recognise the originality of this ancient country’s way of life. Here, centuries-old traditions and cutting-edge technology come together in such a unique way that it makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into a science-fiction movie.

14 Times Plane Passengers Should Have Been Given a Medal for Their Resilience

Traveling by plane can be a real challenge, with unpredictable difficulties lurking around every corner. For example, some may get stuck with wacky fellow passengers, while others may end up lingering around the airport for hours, waiting for a suddenly canceled flight.

14 Small Tricks That Will Make Even a Long Flight Enjoyable

Thanks to planes, we can quickly reach almost any point on our planet. At the same time, 52% of travelers complain that they feel uncomfortable during flights. The body feels numb when sitting for too long, and it’s very hard to sleep well. Luggage can be damaged or even lost. But there are certain tricks that can help avoid these troubles and make the trip more comfortable. Sometimes, all you need is the right hat.

18 Poor Souls Who Won’t Forget Their Plane Ride Even If They Lose Their Memory

According to estimates from 2014, around six million people travel by plane every day. But it’s not always a positive experience. There are times when a few hours’ flight can turn into a nightmare in the skies. Passengers can suffer from poor service, inappropriate behavior from their in-flight neighbors, and their own absent-mindedness.

20+ Photos from Japan that Will Make You Immediately Run to Buy Plane Tickets

Japan is a high-tech country where comfort and convenience are really valued. Smart toilets, fast trains, vending machines — these are only a few of the things that pop up in our minds when we think about Japan. But it seems that there’s no limit to the creativity of the Japanese, and they continue to impress the world with their inventions. We are big fans of Japan and we dream of having a picnic under a blooming sakura tree somewhere in Tokyo one day. Right now though, we’re just looking at the photos taken in this amazing country.

20 Customs That Remain a Mystery to Newcomers but Are Absolutely Ordinary for Locals

It might seem like the modern world doesn’t have too many mysteries left. But in many parts of the world, people still respect the old customs. Some traditions are kept only in small towns, while others are still very much alive in the entire country. While some practices are confusing, other sound so amusing that we’d like to try them or at least see them with our own eyes.

20+ Facts That Show Life in Microstates Is Really Different

Microstates are surrounded by myths. For instance, many people believe that only multimillionaires live in Monaco and only the priesthood lives in the Vatican. But usually, legends appear around something that causes interest. That’s because the majority of us have no idea what it’s like to live in a country that you can walk through in just one day.

15+ School Rules in Japan That Look Really Surprising

Japan is a country of surprises that never stops astonishing foreigners. Even a school year in the Land of the Rising Sun starts, not in August, but in April, and finishes in March. But that’s not the only interesting aspect of the Japanese educational system.

12 Things That Look Perfectly Normal in Some Countries and Shocking in Others

According to this analysis, there is an increase of tourist activity around the world this year. It seems that traveling is going back to normal, so more and more people will have a chance to get acquainted with new cultures. When traveling, you should prepare yourself in advance in order to avoid offending the locals of the place you intend to visit or breaking some of their rules. We found out some simple things you should avoid doing when you’re abroad. Prepare for culture shock!

20+ Travelers Whose Dreams of a Perfect Vacation Met a Harsh Reality

We always look forward to our vacations, especially when we plan a trip. We hope to get a lot of positive emotions to stay in our memory for a long time. But sometimes, the impression can be ruined not only by bad seats on a plane, but also by a terrible hotel room, sights visits, and other unforeseen situations. The people from our compilation have first-hand experience of having a bad vacation.

20+ Photos of Japan, Showing a Very Unexpected Side of This Country

For the western world, the land of the rising sun is a completely different world. And no wonder — we don’t only speak different languages and have different cultural traditions. Even the most basic everyday things we barely notice, look very different for the Japanese.

20+ People Who Can’t Stop Showing What Striking Things They Stumbled Upon on Vacation

When we were in school, every year, we’d write an essay on how we spent our summers. But what if you aren’t in school anymore but still want to tell everyone what happened to you on vacation? You can use the Internet for that.

25 Things From Different Countries That Can Really Startle Visitors

You can learn about other countries from history books, guides, and even from people‘s reviews. But if you want the most in-depth knowledge about a country, you need to contact the locals.

12 Tips on How to Pack Your Suitcase to Make It Look Like the Hermione’s Purse, and Not Like a Sack of Garbage

It’s time for a vacation. You grab the suitcase, lock the door, get into the taxi, and go to the airport. After checking the timetable and checking in for the flight, you get the news that your suitcase is too heavy and you have to pay an extra 30$. The trip hasn’t even started yet, and you’ve already paid more than you had to.

20 Places so Unique From Anything You’ve Seen Before Thanks to Small Details

Every place in the world, be it a park, a city, a store, or a hotel, have its atmosphere and feel. And it’s created by details, such as exhibits, decorations, and other elements.