20+ Brides Who Celebrated Their Special Day With Highly Original Wedding Dresses

Although each couple has a particular style and tastes reflected in details such as decorations or invitations, one thing has become a tradition: the white dress that brides wear to get to the altar. However, some break the mold and impose their originality, surprising everyone with authentic outfits that show their personality.

At 11 Years Old, Pixie Is a Millionaire. She Earns £110,000 a Month From Toys but Is Retiring so She Can Focus on Her Schoolwork

Retirement is usually associated with people who are old enough to have had a career and a long list of professional achievements. But at 11, Pixie Curtis from Australia is ready to retire. And that’s because over the past few years she’s become a millionaire by selling toys of her own production.

A Stand-Up Comedian Joked About How Happy She Is to Be Childless and Sparked a Backlash of Criticism From Outraged Mothers

Is a person that has no children truly happy? Not long ago, stand-up comedian Chelsea Handler posted a video on her social media, where she told funny stories about her child-free life. The video shocked some people. It was discussed by internet users, TV experts, and ordinary people at home. Chelsea touched on a serious subject.

18 Throwback Photos That Scream, “It Was Trendy Back Then!”

Looking back at outdated styles can feel a lot like time-traveling. Trends that used to be a hit can now make us laugh, feel nostalgic, or even inspire us to try and recreate some of the throwback styles. Back at the start of the 2000s, a variety of new trends emerged — some of them became classic, while others we would rather forget ever existed. Let’s look at some of the most popular clothing items of that era that most of us proudly wore back in the day.

20+ Photos from Airports That Prove Anything Can Happen There

The thing we love most about airports is the feeling of a special atmosphere and the sense of new adventure. You can always observe a lot of interesting and surprising things while waiting for your next flight. For example, you can stumble upon your look-alike, meet a walking robot, or witness people who treat terminal gates like a second home.

16 Stars Who Didn’t Let Wardrobe Malfunctions Bother Them

Celebrities often appear flawless in their perfect outfits on the red carpet. But in reality, they also have their fair share of fashion mishaps: shoulder straps falling down, slits of their gowns flying apart. But that doesn’t make them any less attractive; it simply proves that they’re human, just like us.

After Getting Married, Alexia Chose the Life of a “1950s Housewife,” and She’s Happier Than Ever

Alexia Delarosa lives with her family in San Diego. She became famous on social media after she started posting about her homelife because she prefers to live like a “1950s housewife” — cooking, cleaning, spending time with her children and waiting for her husband to come home for dinner after a full day’s work.

“I’ve been called a ‘sick nut.’” A Young Mom Gets Hate Online for Breastfeeding Her 5-Year-Old Son

Australian mother-of-two, Lauren McLeod, lived an ordinary life like many others. On her social media pages, she shared her daily motherhood routine with her followers. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Except that one day the entire world found out about her. All because the blogger touched upon a sore subject for many — breastfeeding. And the big question is, until what age is it appropriate?

10 Times Actresses Proved That Choosing the Proper Outfit Matters

Everyone knows that an outfit can change your look significantly. And if ordinary people can easily wear the same T-shirt and jeans more than once, world-famous celebrities have to regularly walk in many different dresses on the red carpet. But even they can’t know in advance what reactions their outfits will get. Will they be praised or criticized in glossy magazines?

“Real Me Monday” Photos Showing a Woman’s Authentic Appearance When Not Posing

Although we’re making progress in promoting body positivity and embracing our natural appearance, many are still working on prioritizing self-acceptance over societal standards. Unfortunately, social media can often exacerbate insecurities instead of promoting self-love. Thankfully, there are individuals like Bree Lenehan who aren’t afraid to showcase their authentic bodies and share their struggles and tips on how to love ourselves more. Through her «Real Me Monday» posts, this Australian content creator is challenging the unrealistic standards portrayed in media and reminding us that true beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

A British Woman Started a “365 New Activities in 365 Days” Challenge to Fight Depression

According to statistics, around 3.8% of the entire human population suffers from depression. Some people handle it with the help of doctors, while others fight it themselves. This is exactly what Jess Mell did when she started her “365 New Activities in 365 Days” Challenge. She took first aid training, tried beekeeping, and learned how to work with radiators. Her uplifting story even got Drew Barrymore’s attention.

18 People Who Had an Extra Surprise with Their Package Delivery

Shopping from home is easy. We go online, find what we’re looking for, pay for it, and then wait for our package, all from the comfort of our homes. On the other side, there is a more complex process that ends with the delivery person arriving with the package and ringing the doorbell to our happiness. Although most of the time everything goes well, sometimes we open the door to find something unexpected, as it happened to the following people.

“I Have 8 Years of Flying Experience.” A Young Pilot Is Often Mistaken for a Flight Attendant, So She Decided to Challenge This Stereotype

Recently, a TikTok video about a female pilot who is often mistaken for a flight attendant due to her young age became viral. Meanwhile, 22-year-old Sabrina Johnson is a professional pilot with 8 years of experience. We were curious to find out how she managed to become a pilot that early in life and why she’s become a source of inspiration for thousands people all over the world.

8 Unexpected Things That Can Ruin Our Sleep Cycle

Up to 30% of people suffer from chronic insomnia, and the number of those who use sleeping pills increases with age and education. You might wonder why you still don’t get enough sleep after setting up a bedtime ritual. The problem might lie in the smallest things that you haven’t even thought about.

18 Times People Found Mysterious Things and the Internet Helped Them Figure Out What They Were

The Internet is a great place to get answers to seemingly, any questions. You can find the gurus of the World Wide Web on thematic portals debunking myths, giving advice, helping to answer urgent questions, and even identifying an item from a mere photograph, the purpose of which previously would have only been guessed at.

Haircuts That Best Suit Your Face Shape, as Proven by Celebrities’ Photos

A certain hairstyle can look bad on you but great on Beyoncé and it’s not because she’s, well, Beyoncé, but because her face shape is different than yours. It’s important to determine your face shape in order to figure out what suits you best. The way you can do this is by pulling your hair back and outlining the shape of your face with a lip pencil or eyeliner.

8 Non-Obvious Signs Your Body Needs More Vitamin C

Statistics say that in 2022, almost 50% of the US population fail to consume enough vitamin C. Usually, it happens because we don’t recognize the signs our bodies give us to tell us we need more vitamin C. If you listen to your body more closely, you might notice that you need more microelements than you already have.

18 Stars Who Wear Crazy Outfits as Confidently as Ordinary Clothes

Red carpet events are like a fashion show. Each star wants to stand out and be remembered more than others, so they begin thinking carefully about their look long before the event. And while some of them stick to classic looks, others put on daring outfits to outshine everyone around them.

Check Out What Iconic Stars of the 20th and 21st Centuries Looked Like at the Same Age

The fashion and the beauty industries have a huge influence on the way we look, how we dress, do our hair, wear our makeup and take care of ourselves. So it’s no wonder that when we look at photos of people from the last century, they look completely different. We’ve decided to conduct a little experiment and compare what legendary celebrities from the 20th and 21st centuries looked like at the same age.

Champion Ellie Simmonds Has Several Paralympics Under Her Belt, and Now She’s an Inspiration on “Strictly Come Dancing”

Ellie Simmonds started swimming at the age of 5, and when she was only 13, she was already off to her first Paralympics. The winner of countless medals navigates through life with optimism, exploring the world with curiosity. Ellie has tried her hand at several careers and even completed a university degree, but her most recent undertaking is becoming a contestant in a dance show on British TV. Nothing seems to stop this swimmer from reaching her goals.