20+ People Decided to Wash the Things Others Would’ve Never Dared To

For many people, cleaning is one of the most unpleasant tasks in the world. According to surveys, cleaning the oven is the most hated chore, followed by cleaning the toilet. But even these things won’t feel that unbearable if you look at the results of the work. And, as the bonus proves, even the experience of stars can be a source of inspiration.

1. “I don’t think these bricks had ever been pressure washed in 10 years.”

2. “My father-in-law thought I was crazy for buying this for $20. Look at it now.”

3. “I had no idea what color the tiles were until I cleaned them.”

4. “This side by side of my antique door knobs. The left one was just cleaned for the first time after (estimated) 80 years.”

Even things that are dozens of years old can look as good as new after a good cleaning.

5. “The house was built in 1820. Probably its first power wash ever”

6. “Before and after using oven cleaner”

7. “My dad power washed this little alcove on his house.

8. “Anyone wondering how to clean your titanium. Boiling water and a dishwasher tab.”

9. “I did this.”

10. “I’ve finally washed my makeup brushes.”

11.“Fence job today. Before on the right. After (still wet) on the left.

12. “It hasn’t been cleaned for 15 years. Customer has 2 dogs and he’s a mechanic. It took me 2 hours.”

If you don’t want your guests to be shocked by the dirty upholstery and other little things, you can read this article to know what other things you should pay attention to.

13. “Before and after restoring the rarest piece in my collection so far”

14. “So, after my previous washer broke, I went out and bought a new one for $70, and managed to complete the whole backyard.”

15. “A shower transformation! Hardest thing I’ve cleaned.”

By the way, before you start cleaning the bathroom, you should find out which things should not even be stored there.

16. “First time cleaning the garden furniture.”

17. “Cleaned my grandmother’s oven yesterday. The before and after feel so nice! (She’s 96, so be kind about the before photo).”

You can read these amazing life hacks about cleaning, cooking, and storing foods.

18. An amazing result after polishing these figures.

19. “30 years of soot, 10 hours of scrubbing”

20. “Before and after from the back of the oven in my new apartment”

21. “Before and after cleaning the van”

22. “Bought a house from the 30s. Was curious about the old stone walkway”

23. “Cleaned the shower of my 80-year-old mom, who lives alone and can’t do her own cleaning.”

By the way, a dirty shower is not the only thing about personal hygiene that can hurt your health. There are a few other habits we’d better lose.

Bonus: Drew Barrymore shared the results of her cleaning.

The Hollywood star always tries to be honest and open with her subscribers and shares on her account how her days are going. Not so long ago, Barrymore showed her home before and after cleaning, making it clear that a little mess is common even to international celebrities, and many of them manage it without help.

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