15+ Kitchen Tricks We Should Have Learned a Long Time Ago

Everyone wishes that their food would stay fresh in the fridge, that cooking would be fast, that fish would have no bones, and that watermelons would be easy to cut. It’s hard to believe, but there are people who know how to solve all these problems in the kitchen.

We at CHEERY are jealous of those who have been using these life hacks for a long time. If we had known them before, we would have had way more free time.

“Storing avocados with onion in the refrigerator keeps avocados fresh for days. I learned this by accident and found out it’s actually a thing.”

“Does anybody else do this or am I the only crazy one?”

“I dehydrate chicken into ’chips’ so my diabetic snacking urge is sated.”

“Use a spoon to anchor your strainer.”

“Don’t have a cake dome? Use a container upside down to store it.”

“Curved sink making you have to hold your coffee pot? Use the handle on the middle of the sink to steady it and free your hands.”

How to easily see all the pin-bones in a fish: grab an ultraviolet light.

“Hot water you boiled the eggs in keeps plate hot through a slow breakfast.”

“Making meatballs or burgers? Oil your hands liberally. The meat won’t stick to your hands and you get a smooth outside texture that crisps nicely in the oven, frying pan, or skillet.”

“I am never going to throw away my potato peels again! My #1 hack.”

“So, I like fried egg sandwiches with ketchup, but hate the way ketchup makes the bread soggy. My solution? A cheese crust on the inside faces of the bread...”

“Use a cookie scoop to portion and freeze tomato paste.”

“Place two slices of bread on top of each other in a toaster oven for a sandwich with crispy outside and warm inside.”

“Splatter shield was too small for my pan.”

“A loose leaf tea steeper is the best way to evenly sprinkle flour on a surface, corn starch on proteins, and icing sugar on desserts.”

“Cheese grater broke, used a vegetable peeler to shave my parmesan.”

“Clean and quick way of preparing a watermelon for sharing!”

What secret kitchen tricks do you use? Are you ready to share them with us?

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