Young Mother Said She Preferred Working Rather Than Sitting at Home With Kids and Stirred Up a Storm Online

In recent years, online debates have not subsided regarding the question of what is harder for a woman: staying at home with children or going to work. Sarah Torressan also contributed to this discussion. The young woman posted a video on TikTok where she explained why she considers the time spent in the office as real relaxation compared to those days when she has to stay with the little ones. Her post gathered numerous comments.

Daring Rapper Cardi B Has No Regrets About Getting Her Son’s Name Tattooed on Her Face and Thinks Moms-to-Be Need No Advice

Rapper Cardi B is known for her vivid performances and apt remarks. She speaks candidly on many topics from her life, including the challenges she faces as a mother. Cardi does her best to make sure she is the best possible influence on her kids, and believes that moms don’t need advice or tips from books at all.

Serena Williams Is Getting Hate for Her Build, but Alexis Ohanian Stands by His Wife and Thinks She’s the Most Attractive Woman

Serena Williams has often had to listen to comments about her build. The famous tennis player can stand up for herself, but it’s nice to see her husband take her side and help in fighting off the haters with the perfect joke, or even a straight-forward comment.

15 Stars Who Went Through a Breakup But Ended Up Being Happier Single

It’s not easy for any couple when a long-term relationship comes to an end. But a recent study has shown that many people feel happier and healthier when they’re single rather than married. And some celebrities who have chosen to separate from their other halves and are now perfectly happy with that decision can serve as proof of this.

News Presenter Kasie Hunt Gave Birth in 13 Minutes. She Didn’t Even Have Time to Get Out of the Bathroom

Kasie Hunt is an American TV presenter and correspondent. During her extensive career, she has worked for NBC and CNN and met her husband-to-be Matthew Rivera. After getting married, the couple welcomed their firstborn and, more recently, their second baby. She surprised the whole family by coming into the world in just 13 minutes.

15 People Whose Parents Set Some Pretty Strange Rules

Strict parents are not that surprising anymore, we all know a friend whose parents barely let them do anything on their own. There are many good and selfish reasons why parents are strict. Some demanding parents have high standards for their kids, however there are certain things you shouldn’t control in your kids’ lives.

Julia Roberts Does Her Own Cooking, Takes Her Kids to School, Walks the Dogs and Values a Simple Life More Than an Oscar

Julia Roberts is not like most people who live in Hollywood. She doesn’t post adorable pictures of her children every week, nor does she announce her whereabouts on Twitter. She prefers to live without social media or the fans’ attention, enjoying her not-glamorous but happy life as a wife and mom.

Vincent Cassel Is Happy to Be Surrounded by Strong Women, and His New Marriage Hasn’t Ruined the Relationship With His Ex-Wife

Most people will know Vincent Cassel for his portrayal of anti-heroes. But in reality, the French actor couldn’t be more different from his screen persona. At 56, he is happily married, raising children, and trying to keep himself in good physical shape, not only for professional reasons but also so he can spend quality time with his 3-year-old daughter.

Hilarie Burton Went to Live on a Farm With Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Had 2 Kids. 10 Years Later, He Walked Her to the Altar

There are couples, such as Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian, that are ready to go to the altar on the first date. Others are like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, who don’t think that getting married is an important step. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton needed more than 10 years to become husband and wife. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t sure about their feelings.

17 Posts That Prove You Can Make a Movie About Every Parent’s Life

Being a parent never gets easier. You can wait for your little ones to grow out of their terrible toddler phase, but then suddenly they are teenagers, and they’re completely not interested in you! Just like the parents in the posts below, you have to laugh or you’ll cry.Today we gathered 17 tweets for our readers to show how these parents manage to cope with different situations. Get ready for some wild laughter!

20+ People With the Most Chaotic Partners On the Internet

After some time in a serious relationship with someone, we may feel as if we know them like the back of our hand: their hobbies, wacky habits, weaknesses, and flaws. But sometimes, they find new and incredible ways to amaze us, making us suppress a chuckle or roll our eyes. And it’s definitely a great talent, because life around such people will never be boring.

After a Tough Divorce, Former NFL Star Michael Strahan was Alone With 4-Month-Old Twins, But He Thinks It Was a Very Valuable Time

The charming TV presenter Michael Strahan considers family to be one of the most important things in his life, although fatherhood has not been easy for him. He had to maintain a connection with his older children across the ocean, and he had to fight in court for custody of his younger twins. Fortunately, his efforts paid off threefold. The celebrity even received an award and the title of “Best Father of the Year.”

Before Proposing, Hailie Jade’s Fiancé Asked Eminem, Her Father, for His Blessing

In the 21st century, asking the bride’s father for his blessing before getting engaged is no longer considered an obligatory tradition. Nonetheless, it’s a nice thing to do, showing respect for the girl and her family. Apparently, Evan McClintock feels the same way. After all, before asking Hailie Jade the all-important question, he asked Eminem, his sweetheart’s father, for his blessing.

Mark Zuckerberg Took Parental Leave When Priscilla Chan Had Their Second Baby. They Don’t Overindulge Their Kids and Teach Them to Do the Dishes

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and pediatrician Priscilla Chan met back when they were students at a party at Harvard University in 2003. In 2010, they started living together, and in 2012, they got married and focused on creating a big family. Now, aside from developing social media, Mark and Priscilla have 2 big projects in their lives: charity and raising their daughters. As parents, Mark and Priscilla are trying to raise their kids to be curious and hardworking people.

15 Celebrities Who Aren’t Afraid to Talk About How Hard It Can Be to Be a Mom

We oftentimes read how famous actresses, singers and models share their parenting experiences in interviews. As a rule, they say that motherhood helped them find themselves and that they learn a lot from their kids. Rihanna, for example, declared that having kids has always been the biggest dream of her life. But sometimes celebrities are ready to speak about not only the positives of motherhood, because it includes lack of sleep, and even health issues.

“I Married Somebody Half My Age and Everybody Thought I Was Crazy.” The Story of Dick Van Dyke, Who Found Love at the Age of 86

Some people say that love can conquer all ages. Hollywood star Dick Van Dyke got a chance to personally find out if this is true. The 97-year-old actor has been immensely happy in his second marriage to 51-year-old Arlene Silver for 11 years already. According to Van Dyke, the secret to his longevity lies in these relationships.

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen Have Been Married for Almost 30 Years, but They Still Go on Dates and Can’t Be Apart Even for a Couple of Weeks

Building a long-term relationship is not easy at all. And it’s almost impossible to make it a permanent “honeymoon.” But Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen managed to do it. They fell in love within four hours, and now they’ve been together for almost 30 years, still going on dates, complimenting each other, and not being able to spend even a couple of weeks apart.

Kristen Bell Proposed to Dax Herself. They Organized a Wedding for $150 and Have Been Married for Over 10 Years

Glossy magazine pages often try to portray life in a more perfect light than it really is. The sky is bluer, the grass is greener, and love is always simple and unconditional. But in real life, things are not that straightforward. Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been together for almost 15 years, and their story has been full of ups and downs. Nevertheless, whatever may have happened, they worked on their relationship and created their family just how they wanted it to be.

“I Never Thought I Was Going to Have Kids.” 48-Year-Old Rapper Da Brat Is Expecting Her First Child With Wife Jesseca

In March 2020, Da Brat, whose 1994 debut album Funkdafied made her the first female solo rap artist to sell a million records, announced that she was in a relationship with Jesseca Dupart, an American entrepreneur. In 2022, on the 22nd of February, the couple got married and started their journey towards motherhood that same year.

A Pregnant Woman Couldn’t Forgive Her Husband, Who Didn’t Go to the Doctor With Her and Spent Time With His Friends Instead

In recent years, more and more expectant fathers are actively supporting their partners during pregnancy and in childbirth. This is not only good for men’s health, but also has a positive impact on women and their future children. However, as one Reddit user found out from personal experience, some partners are simply not ready for the challenges that come with bringing a baby into the world.