How Jessica Simpson Found Love After a Failed Marriage. 13 Years and 3 Kids Later, She Still Has the Same Passion in Her Relationship

Experts claim that passion in relationships lasts around three years. Maintaining a hot relationship for many years is not an easy task, not even for celebrities. However, the family history of Jessica Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson, proves that household routine and caring for children did not make their relationship any less passionate. They have a little secret that helps them maintain the same fiery relationship even 13 years after they first met.

17 Tweets From Parents That Were Puzzled by Their Kids’ Logic

Parents love sharing funny things their kids say. But as children grow up, the essence of the joke increasingly lies not in the cute and naive words used by children, but in their ability to stump adults or demonstrate strange but unassailable logic.

Madonna Dates Men Much Younger Than Herself and Doesn’t Let it Bother Her

In recent years, Madonna has preferred to date men who are a couple of decades younger than her. The singer’s relationships have attracted constant attention, and some have even condemned her for her choices. But the star isn’t bothered by this; she doesn’t understand why society tends to judge women for having relationships with younger men, while men who choose younger companions tend to get let off the hook.

10 Modern Parenting Trends That Online Users Consider to Be Questionable

When it comes to such a delicate subject as parenting, arguments among adults with different views can get very heated. It’s not only the outdated methods that are criticized, but also some of the modern trends. And those whose arguments are based on their own knowledge or personal experience can be quite convincing when encouraging people not to follow some of these “innovations.”

Jodie Foster Waited Almost 35 Years to Tell the World the Truth About Herself and Come Out With the Woman She Loves

For many celebrities, their fame and public exposure can be like a trial. They try their best to hide personal details from outsiders, such as their home, children, and other personal details. In an attempt to uncover the “hot scoop,” the press often asks stars overly personal questions. And sometimes, this tactless curiosity forces artists to further conceal their true selves from everyone. This was the case with Jodie Foster, who spent years slowly revealing her true self to the world.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Went Through a Tough Breakup but Made Peace and Became Friends for the Sake of Their Children

Unfortunately, not all couples manage to break up and immediately stay on good terms, maintaining a warm relationship. Resentments and past disagreements can linger for a long time. The couple in our article had a tough time after their divorce, but they were able to eventually overcome all the difficulties and regain their empathy for each other. Now they take care of their children and even spend quality time together.

14 Celebrity Couples Who No One Believed In, but They Proved That True Love Does Exist

There are no rules in love. And it is possible to find a soul mate in someone who, for all intents and purposes, shouldn’t be right for us. These celebrities are living proof of it. We looked back at famous couples whose compatibility was the source of doubt for everyone, but they disregarded all conventions and dove deep into their happiness, proving the rest of the world wrong.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Found Love While Filming. 10 Years Later, They’re Still Together, Raising 3 Children

Despite being famous worldwide, Jennifer Love Hewitt always wanted to simply have a family and children. She met the man of her dreams at work. Actor Brian Hallisay was able to make his beloved woman happy. They have been inseparable for over 10 years. They are raising three children, and sometimes they star together in projects.

A Man Shared the Story of How His Wife Started Dating His Neighbor. But This Isn’t What He’s Worried About

There’s nothing wrong with helping out neighbors and friends. Most likely, we have all at times asked someone close to us for assistance: to help unload boxes after a move, or to give us a ride to the train station. However, such situations are somewhat contradictory to the thesis that all work should be paid for. And in some cases, as in the story of this Reddit user, a simple request to watch the children can even become a real threat to a marriage.

Thanks to His Mom, Harry Styles Developed a Love for Dressing Up. And His Mother Fiercely Protects His Acting and Style From the Critics

Harry Styles’ creative path began not only thanks to his incredible talent, but also because of his mother’s intuition. She encouraged her son’s participation in The X Factor, which played a decisive role in his career. Anne, a single mother and an ordinary office worker, believed in her son and did not make a mistake. And years later, her grateful son led her to the altar, paid for her honeymoon, and makes fans sing in her honor during concerts.

20+ Parents That Wake Up Every Morning Thinking, “What Does This Day Have in Store for Me?”

There are many things in parenting that you can prepare for in advance. For example, taking care of child safety by covering electrical outlets with plugs, putting locks on cabinets, and hiding dangerous objects in inaccessible places. But children wouldn’t be children if they didn’t find new, unpredictable ways to surprise us, armed with unparalleled logic, creativity, or a sense of humor.

Liv Tyler Shared What It’s Like to Raise 4 Kids in a Blended Family. “It’s Like Conducting an Orchestra.”

Liv Tyler is raising 4 kids — Milo, from her first marriage, Grey, her lover’s child from his first marriage, Sailor, and Luna. The more children there are in the family, the harder it is to find balance and keep everyone happy. And if these children have different parents, the job gets even harder. Liv Tyler knows this first-hand. But because of how her own childhood was, she decided she’d do everything for her own family.

10 Celebrities Who Discovered a Different Kind of Love While Raising Kids With Special Needs

Raising a child with special needs can be something very challenging, but also equally rewarding. It tests parents in ways they couldn’t imagine, but it also shows them a whole different world of love and care. There are some celebrities who know what this is like firsthand, and they have valuable wisdom to share with the rest of us.

Internet Users Criticized a Mother for Teaching Her 4-Year-Old Son to Do House Chores

47-year-old Agnes Hsu is a mother of 3 children and the founder of a creative website for children and teenagers. Once, she posted a video on social media in which she shared how her then 4-year-old son Dashiell Hsu helps her with household chores. However, viewers’ opinions on this matter were not unanimous.

Goldie Hawn Has 7 Grandkids and She Enjoys Being a Grandmother More and More

Goldie Hawn has a daughter and 2 sons, and each of her offspring has already made her a grandmother. The celebrity spends all her free time with her family, and she loves her numerous grandchildren to the point of losing her breath, raising them somewhat differently than she did her own children. We will tell you how Goldie became such an excellent grandmother, and why we should all take her advice to heart.

After a Miscarriage, Jessie J Got Pregnant Again and Started Eating Meat After Being a Vegan for 5 Years

Jessy J realized she wanted to have kids when she was 25. Almost 10 years later, motherhood is finally knocking on her door. We’re going to tell you how the singer navigated a difficult path to her dream, what helped her in her fight with infertility, and what unusual things she encountered during her pregnancy.

Despite the Breakup, Gigi Hadid Enjoys Raising a Child With Zayn Malik, and She’s Happy Her Daughter Takes After Her Dad

The romance between Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik might be over forever, but raising their little daughter together has only just started. The ex-lovers managed to leave the grudges behind and unite to make their only child happy.

15 Famous Moms That Had to Go Through a Lot to Become Parents

According to the World Health Organization, around 48 million couples and 186 million individuals worldwide suffer from infertility. In their attempts to conceive, many women face challenges they never knew existed. They go through physically and psychologically draining trials and require all the support they can get. Many celebrities who have also struggled with fertility openly share their experiences to provide comfort and hope to others.

Young Mother Said She Preferred Working Rather Than Sitting at Home With Kids and Stirred Up a Storm Online

In recent years, online debates have not subsided regarding the question of what is harder for a woman: staying at home with children or going to work. Sarah Torressan also contributed to this discussion. The young woman posted a video on TikTok where she explained why she considers the time spent in the office as real relaxation compared to those days when she has to stay with the little ones. Her post gathered numerous comments.

Daring Rapper Cardi B Has No Regrets About Getting Her Son’s Name Tattooed on Her Face and Thinks Moms-to-Be Need No Advice

Rapper Cardi B is known for her vivid performances and apt remarks. She speaks candidly on many topics from her life, including the challenges she faces as a mother. Cardi does her best to make sure she is the best possible influence on her kids, and believes that moms don’t need advice or tips from books at all.