20+ Parents That Wake Up Every Morning Thinking, “What Does This Day Have in Store for Me?”

There are many things in parenting that you can prepare for in advance. For example, taking care of child safety by covering electrical outlets with plugs, putting locks on cabinets, and hiding dangerous objects in inaccessible places. But children wouldn’t be children if they didn’t find new, unpredictable ways to surprise us, armed with unparalleled logic, creativity, or a sense of humor.

1. “Any guesses on what my 5 year old drew?”

2. “A very slow flushing toilet led to my discovery of the most ironic toilet clog.”

3. “My wife’s stationary bike just became a jellybean dispenser.”

4. “My son tried to trick the tooth fairy for more money by putting other ’teeth’ under his pillow.”

5. “My 4-year-old made me breakfast in bed.”

The intentions were very pure, and even adults may have trouble cooking.

6. “I just moved in with my girlfriend and her three teenage daughters. It’s been a while since they’ve had a handyman around... or a man period.”

7. “My little bundle of joy.”

8. “Good advice.”

9. “My son got a Sonic the Hedgehog set of clothes. Here’s the only pic I could get.”

10. “My daughter is a realist.”

This kid is a lot like other kids that are very creative about their homework.

11. “Apparently my child was enticed by the irresistible lotion pump.”

12. “Bought a watermelon several months ago... it quickly was ’lost,’ and I assumed someone threw it away by accident... However, while cleaning my kids’ play room, I found it in their toy fridge.”

“The smell was terrible.”

13. “If you look closely, you can see my son hiding from me.”

Kids not only do something hilarious, but they can also say things that shock adults.

14. “Got it last night, I never liked crayons.”

15. “The hairbrush my daughter leaves hanging in the shower.”

16. “My kid making sure Santa knows what’s up.”

17. “My son drew this in 5th grade. Perhaps I’m biased, but I thought it was clever and funny.”

18. “Well, it really does look like chocolate.”

19. “Really, son?”

20. “My friend’s 4-year-old daughter decided to trim my matcha whisker.”

At least the whisker has good bangs. It’s more lucky that the poor folks who just wanted a nice haircut, but were terribly disappointed.

21. “Left my child alone for a moment.”

Here are a few funny reminders that living with kids is never boring.

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