20 Terrific Kids You Could Make a Sitcom About

Children have a different view of our world, and they often surprise us with their clever and bold statements. They are new to all of this, constantly asking questions about everything they see. Watching how they learn to express their thoughts is interesting, but some kids are sometimes too witty.

20+ Parents That Wake Up Every Morning Thinking, “What Does This Day Have in Store for Me?”

There are many things in parenting that you can prepare for in advance. For example, taking care of child safety by covering electrical outlets with plugs, putting locks on cabinets, and hiding dangerous objects in inaccessible places. But children wouldn’t be children if they didn’t find new, unpredictable ways to surprise us, armed with unparalleled logic, creativity, or a sense of humor.

20+ Unlucky Moments That Made People Ask, “Why Me?”

No one is immune to having bad days. Whether it’s the result of poor choices or just pure, tough luck, mishaps are bound to happen. And the people on this list bravely shared some of their unfortunate situations, which could serve as lessons — or as a source of giggles — for everyone.

20+ People With the Most Chaotic Partners On the Internet

After some time in a serious relationship with someone, we may feel as if we know them like the back of our hand: their hobbies, wacky habits, weaknesses, and flaws. But sometimes, they find new and incredible ways to amaze us, making us suppress a chuckle or roll our eyes. And it’s definitely a great talent, because life around such people will never be boring.

20+ Stories From Twitter With Unpredictable Endings

Curiosity is as natural to us as being humans. It is associated with more positive emotions and engagement, boosting achievement, and can even expand our empathy. So the next time someone calls you “nosy,” you can just invite that person to be curious with you.

16 People Who Are Living In Some Kind Of Sitcom

There is nothing like a good laugh to brighten up our day. And some situations go beyond being hilarious, they make us feel as if we’re visiting a surreal world of comedy. They might even challenge our brains at first because they can be so absurd and confusing. But it’s these unique situations that stay engraved in our memory forever. That’s because they will still make us laugh uncontrollably, even if we remember them decades later.

18 People Who Could Write Entire Books About Their School Days

During our school years, we might find attending classes and learning new things tedious. Luckily, some teachers go beyond their basic responsibilities and use their charisma and creativity to make an everlasting impression on their students. So much so that many students have even dedicated posts to show their appreciation.

20+ Tattoos That Belong in a Humor Museum, Not on the Body

Anyone can fall victim to a tattoo mishap — just think of Ariana Grande’s “Japanese-style barbecue grill” ink on the palm of her hand. Sometimes people are let down by unscrupulous or outright unskilled artists, while others go so far down the rabbit hole of imagination when choosing their design that it’s hard to suppress a chuckle when looking at the end result.

17 People Who Expected Technology To Help, Not This

Technology is challenging in a number of ways and for people of all ages. Even for those who think they’ve mastered it, things can get out of hand in a matter of seconds, from being unable to turn off a weird camera filter on your phone to accidentally burning holes in your computer screen while putting on makeup.

20+ People Who Are Still Trying to Comprehend the Scale of Their Sudden Luck

Whether it’s unusually-sized fruits or vegetables or unique items we find in the thrift store that are worth big bucks, we can’t help but feel as satisfied as if we hit the jackpot. It’s a special kind of feeling, and we want to tell everyone about our amazing finds.

20 People Who Prove That, in a Good Marriage, There is Always Something to Joke About

There are some unwritten rules that come with sharing your life with another person, like bickering over who gets to use the toilet first, singing late ’90s songs, secretly watching another Netflix episode, and so on. Today, we have husbands and wives that, no matter what, choose to bless their union with some laughter and humor.

20+ Times People Captured Surreal Sights from Nature

Nature is a gift-giver that never stops creating new and exciting things. No matter how much you’ve traveled, you will never be able to say that you’ve seen it all. And that’s because there are new things being created every single day in different parts of the world. People with unique features and animals with unusual looks will always offer something new for us all to view.

20+ Hilarious Tweets From Moms and Dads That Give an Accurate Description of Parenthood

Before having a child, many couples study countless amounts of literature on child psychology and child care. However, there are always pitfalls that cannot be predicted in advance. For example, the unique phrases or conclusions made by kids, creative life hacks for taming them, as well as unforeseen reasons for hurt feelings.

Pedro Pascal is Absolutely Broken by the ’SNL’ Sketch Featuring Lisa from Temecula

The humor in the Lisa from Temecula sketch on Saturday Night Live doesn’t come solely from the material, but rather from the fact that none of the actors, including Nwodim and host Pedro Pascal, can manage to stay in character throughout the sketch.

20+ Real-Life Dates We Could Make a Movie About

The dating world can be like a game of strategy. There are many rules that we tend to learn by trial and error. However, some situations can’t be expected, even for the most seasoned of us. Dates can take you for a ride to your ex’s neighborhood, arrive late because they’ve “overbooked” you, or they complain to their mom about the venue you chose for the date. The good thing is that these situations end up becoming the best anecdotes to treasure for a lifetime.

19 Things That Will Leave an Indelible Mark in Your Memory

The brain storage for short-term memory is quite limited. It is believed that you can recall approximately seven items for about 20 to 30 seconds. However, we are going to present you with 15 objects so curious that they will be ingrained in your mind for good. Some of them may even pop up in your dreams.

Father Captures Amusing Photos with His Daughters in Costumes and They’re Simply Too Cute

Five years back, a father named Sholom Ber Solomon gained worldwide attention with the photos he took with his daughter of their whimsical and playful activities. To this day, their father-daughter bond remains as strong as ever and has been further strengthened with the addition of sister Olivia, born in 2019, to their hilarious photo shoots. The Solomons reside in San Diego, California and have a massive following on social media, boasting over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Explore 50 of the Most Creative and Amusing Tweets by Women — Delight in Their Genius

After Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of Twitter, many prominent figures and users alike have been questioning the platform’s future. Despite the uncertainty, Twitter remains a source of humor and joy if you know where to look.From witty tweets to daily experiences, these women have shared their thoughts and moments to entertain anyone who stumbles upon their tweets. Women’s humor on Twitter has always been a favorite among readers, with many entertainment platforms even curating collections of the funniest tweets by women each week. In this article, we’ve taken it a step further and gathered the 50 most hilarious and timeless tweets written by female users that will leave you in stitches.Do you have a favorite funny tweet by a woman that always makes you laugh? Share it in the comments, and if you’re a Twitter user, share the funniest tweet you’ve ever written!

40 Brutally Honest Quotes That Hit the Nail on the Head

Sick of insincere inspirational quotes? Tired of the sappy tone of motivational quotes? Join the club! Our collection of demotivational quotes will bring a smile to your face and make you laugh with their irony. These quotes are inspiration disguised as sarcasm, meant for entertainment, not to bring you down.Find our selection of hilarious demotivational quotes just below. Share with your friends who appreciate a good sarcastic joke.

16 Job interviews, After Which the Candidates Pondered, “Was it a Prank?”

Looking for a job is like going on an adventure in a fantasy world. During an interview, you can meet fantastic bosses and villains from HR, or you can easily feel like a clown. We always love reading stories of people who are happy to share their “not-so-great” experiences. And these stories may remind some about their funny job interviews too.