20+ Times People Captured Surreal Sights from Nature

Nature is a gift-giver that never stops creating new and exciting things. No matter how much you’ve traveled, you will never be able to say that you’ve seen it all. And that’s because there are new things being created every single day in different parts of the world. People with unique features and animals with unusual looks will always offer something new for us all to view.

1. “The snowflake on my hoodie this morning”

2. “My brother’s cat has thumbs.”

3. “I have absolutely ridiculously flat, wide, and ugly middle fingers and thumbs.”

4. “There is a plant growing from under my sink.”

5. “My pinky toe and my second to last toe changed places.”

6. “This tabby cat’s tail’s end is orange colored.”

7. “This bird looks like it has human lips.”

8. “How the water froze on the lake by my house”

9. “This purely golden bee landed on my car today.”

10. “This tomato sprouted all its seeds while they were still inside.”

11. “My aunt’s cat has the word ’no’ circled in his fur pattern.”

12. “One of my chickens laid a spherical egg.”

13. “This blue jay still has half of its baby feathers.”

14. “A fairy ring that grew in my yard”

15. “A watermelon growing from a tree”

16. “This cloud is shaped like a great white shark.”

17. “Found this seagull that has 2 pupils.”

18. “I found a puffball mushroom that resembles the moon.”

19. “This ice grew up in a v shape from a shallow pool.”

20. “I can grip things backwards.”

21. “This apple’s peel is exactly half red and half green.”

22. “A snail made the image of a face on the greenhouse.”

23. “This ice that melted into a vague shark shape.”

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