How the Skin Positivity Movement Has Changed Attitudes Toward Skin and Helped Millions of People to Accept Themselves

The largest organ of our body has had a tough time. For a long time in the media, the skin has been scrutinized under a magnifying glass, criticized for even the slightest flaw, and photoshopped at every opportunity. Luckily, skin positivity is now trending. We will tell you what values guide this movement and why we should all join it.

Heterosexuals Are Increasingly Wearing Skirts and Using Makeup Because it Makes Them Feel Charming and Superpowerful

It seems that the monopoly on skirts, makeup and high heels has always been held by women. However, in the context of history, clothing has only recently begun to correlate with gender. And when modern guys wear dresses, they’re not reinventing the wheel, but rather returning to the norm that was accepted millennia ago. We’ll tell you the story of the skirt in men’s wardrobe, and explain why fashionable men today are wearing this “feminine” item of clothing, as well as increasingly wearing makeup and heels.

19 Women Who Have Decided There’s No Such Thing as Excess Body Hair, and You Can’t Argue With That

For generations, it has been considered taboo for a woman to appear in public with body hair. But times are changing, and so are the beauty standards, habits, and basics of grooming. Although fighting prejudice and unspoken rules requires a certain amount of courage, more and more girls today, including public figures, are bravely refusing to remove their body hair. And they seem to feel even more comfortable and confident than before.

20+ People Who Had Their Scars Turned Into Works of Art by Tattoo Artists

Tattoos have long been part of modern-day culture. But not everyone gets them just as part of a fashion trend. Sometimes people want to hide something on their skin with the help of body art. For example, scars after injuries or operations, burns, or birthmarks.

At 56 Years Old, Salma Hayek Shines Without Botox and Strict Diets Thanks to Simple Beauty Secrets

Salma Hayek Pinault is 56 years old. The actress has recently played the lead female role in Magic Mike’s Last Dance. Her performance proves that even at her age, she can still break the hearts of handsome men like Channing Tatum. We decided to find out what the secret of her eternal beauty is. It turns out that Salma gets younger with the years thanks to simple but very effective habits.

15 Simple Beauty Secrets From Celebrities That Anyone Can Use

No matter whether celebrities like using different beauty products or not, they often have to learn the tricks to look their best. Some find these life hacks online, while others learn them from their older relatives. In any case, these tricks are quite simple and anyone can use them.

Melanie Lynskey Perfectly Responded to the Criticism of Her Body, and Her Colleagues Defended Her Too

Melanie Lynskey is an actress from New Zealand. She became famous by playing very prominent roles in movies and series. So, in 2021, she portrayed Shauna in Yellowjackets and recently got a part in The Last of Us. After appearing on the latter, she had to deal with body shaming and gain the courage to respond to the haters.

15+ Photos of Celebrities That Show How Makeup Trends Have Changed Over the Last Decades

Fashion changes fast, and what looked trendy and stylish a decade or 2 ago may look somewhat strange now. Makeup is no exception, and when we look at our photos taken in the ‘00s, we sometimes wonder what we were thinking when we applied that neon blue eyeshadow, painted our lips bright pink, and plucked our eyebrows way too much.

What 17 of the Highest-Paid Top Models Looked Like at the Start of Their Career

As the famous proverb says: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” The same can be said about building a career, whether you’re an engineer, a surgeon or a model. In the latter, for example, in order to achieve success, you should take the first step on the career ladder ideally no later than at 16 years of age. Just look at the young beauties that eventually became today’s most famous top models.

How Madonna, Who’s Been Bullied for Her Looks for Years, Found a Meaning in it All

The 5th of February, 2023, marked the 65th annual Grammy Awards ceremony. The show, honoring the world’s best musical performers, was a huge success. However, it was not the winners of the coveted statuettes who made the front pages of the newspapers the next morning but Madonna, who had been invited to announce the nominees.

12 Weird Treatments and Customs That Helped Women Keep Their Beauty in Previous Ages

Even today, when store shelves are full of all sorts of beauty products, it’s not very easy to take good care of yourself. Obviously, it was much harder in the past. But no matter when men and women have always appreciated attractive appearances and have wanted to look as good as possible. In the past, it took a lot of effort and the ingredients they used will shock any modern person.

“I’m Representing 50+ Women Who Look Their Age.” Supermodel Paulina Porizkova Impressed Everyone Posing for Vogue at 57 Years Old

The career of Czech model Paulina Porizkova started in the early 1980s. Over the next two decades, she worked with many famous brands and appeared on numerous covers of fashion magazines. In the 2000s, her modeling jobs became scarcer, and Paulina tried herself at acting and writing. But recently, she has managed to break back into the fashion world, this time with a new message that a woman can be attractive at any age.

16 Stars’ Intriguing Nail Designs That Were More Eye-catching Than Their Outfits

The history of manicure began in the early 20th century. Society’s stereotypical thinking did not allow for the painting of nails in bright colors, so the most common shades of nail polish at the time were pastel and transparent. However, over time, attitudes toward manicures have changed dramatically. Now, brighter nail polish colors and bolder designs are not only standard procedure, but can also be a key part of any fashion look.

18 Stars Who Aren’t Afraid to Show Themselves to the World Without Makeup and Filters

The red carpet and the shining spotlights make many stars take extra care with their makeup so they can look their best, from ensuring an even skin tone to perfecting well-defined eyebrows. Social media is different: there, stars can look the way they want, including daring to show their photos without a touch of makeup.

How Milla Jovovich, at 47, Manages to Look Great Even After a Sleepless Night With the Baby

One day, fans just bombarded Milla Jovovich with questions about her skincare routine. The actress wrote up and post several messages on her Instagram page on this subject. “My career as an actress and a model has spanned literally 33 years, making skincare a major priority for me,” the star admitted.

How to Choose the Perfect Bra And Why Its Type Affects Your Breasts and Health

Underwire bras have metallic semi-loop wires in the lower part to support the breasts. They can also cause discomfort if the bra doesn’t fit you. Non-wired bras are usually made from soft cotton, so they’re softer on the breast and more comfortable than wired bras. In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of every bra type, find out which is better, and whether you can live without a bra.

14 Stars Who Showed Off Their Natural Hair and Got Heaps of Compliments

Celebrities usually show up for the cameras looking godlike. Perfect makeup, a tailored dress, and hair that the stylist has been working on for hours. Fortunately, the trend for natural beauty is taking Hollywood by storm, which means that celebrities are more and more often showing off their natural looks with no hair extensions or styling products. And it seems to us that nature is no worse than any hairdresser.

How 19 Handsome Ladies’ Men Have Changed Over Time

Even though beauty standards change over time, some men in show business have such an appearance that it’s perfectly clear why they win over and break millions of hearts. Of course, their lifestyle and the passing of time have changed how they look, so some of them are hard to recognize today. And other stars of the past seem to have benefited from aging.

18 Famous Women Who Sport Their Gray Hair With Pride

There are many myths and prejudices about gray hair. However, scientists have come to the conclusion that a person’s lifestyle and genetics play an important role in its appearance. Nevertheless, going gray is a natural biological process, and there is no reason to worry about it. The celebrities in this article also think that their gray hair is the symbol of their life experiences and sport it with pride.

14 Photos Prove That Even Celebrity Makeup Artists Can Sometimes Mess Up

Even professional makeup artists and stylists sometimes make mistakes. Some cases can be explained by the fashion trends from certain years. For example, light blue eyeshadow, skin-tone lipstick, or shimmering lip gloss, which were so popular in the 2000s, would look very odd today. But sometimes, the people in charge of celebrity looks just seem to forget how to use concealers, highlighters, bronzers, or blushes correctly.