20+ People Who Had Their Scars Turned Into Works of Art by Tattoo Artists

Tattoos have long been part of modern-day culture. But not everyone gets them just as part of a fashion trend. Sometimes people want to hide something on their skin with the help of body art. For example, scars after injuries or operations, burns, or birthmarks.

How Hogwarts Legacy Became Incredibly Popular in Just a Few Days and Why Hundreds of Thousands of People Can’t Stop Playing It

Not long ago, the long-awaited video game Hogwarts Legacy was released. It’s a huge event for all the fans of the wizarding world. The game became incredibly popular. Right now, more than 500,000 people are playing it and the number keeps growing. This is why we were really interested in finding out why the game is so captivating.

20+ Mind-Bending Buildings That Are Worth Looking at, Even If You’re Not a Fan of Architecture

As time goes by, designers and architects are getting more and more creative and bold with experiments. Gurus of modern architecture can give us more than just beautiful, functional houses. Buildings nowadays can make faces, melt, dance, and play music — and the list of their “talents” seems to have no end.

18 People Who Turned Their Scars and Birthmarks Into Works of Art

Some people feel uncomfortable in their own bodies because of scars and birthmarks. Tattoos can help change this attitude by transforming these features with more deliberate forms of self-expression. If scars are associated with negative experiences, body art can become a symbol of renewal, allowing a person to reframe their past, accept it, and start anew.

This Artist Has Transformed Iconic Characters From Popular Franchises Into Realistic Portrayals

These days, an increasing number of individuals are expressing their love for their favorite TV show characters through cosplay, drawing, or other forms of recreation. However, one artist has taken things to the next level by bringing well-known cartoon, game, and movie characters to life in 3D form.Turkey-based artist Hossein Diba has taken iconic characters from popular franchises such as The Simpsons, Up, Family Guy, The Incredibles, Toy Story, and more, and given them a realistic twist. With a career spanning over a decade, starting in 2008, Diba has been a master in designing unique personas and creatures, earning him a following of 345k on Instagram.

This Instagram Account Showcases 50 Individuals Who Have Chosen to Adorn Themselves With Unique and Unusual Tattoos

Dive into the captivating world of tattoos and discover some of the most awe-inspiring designs on the Instagram page ’Crazyy Tattoos’. This page has a massive following of 1.1 million people who admire the intricate details of both the ordinary and the quirky tattoos. Whether you are adorned with tattoos or simply appreciate their artistry, these designs are sure to leave you inspired. So go ahead and vote for your favorite, and share your thoughts in the comments.

See Society Through a Different Lens: 30 Candid and Relatable Comics by Lainey Molnar

Lainey Molnar is an artist who delves into the subjects of masculinity and femininity through powerful and truthful comics. Her drawings tackle issues of body image, stereotypes, motherhood, freedom of choice, and numerous other relatable themes that appeal to many individuals, particularly women. Check out some of her raw illustrations below.

18 Photos Proving That Clothes From Fashion Shows Can Look Great on Celebrities of Any Age and Body Type

Popular actresses and singers often choose outfits from fashion houses for their public appearances. Some stars repeat the runway looks almost exactly, while others make changes to emphasize their beauty and individuality.

14 Stars Who Conveyed More Through Their Outfits Than They Could With Words

Clothes serve many purposes: they help us keep warm, express ourselves, and can even convey certain messages. We looked back at stars who worked extra hidden meanings into the design of their outfits. In the examples below, a single picture tells many stories!

20+ Little Things That Make Everyday Objects Cooler and More Convenient

If something useful is added to everyday items, the consumer will certainly appreciate it. And they’re likely to tell others about it. Like, for example, the person who, in a jar of pickles, found a handy device for pulling them out.

18 Times When Companies Really Went Above and Beyond for Their Customers

Companies exist because of their customers, so it’s always great to see when they try to accommodate their needs. It’s more and more often that we see designers come up with clever ideas that can make people’s lives easier or toys that are more inclusive.

18 Photos Which Prove That a Bad Tattoo Is Not the End of the World, It Can Always Be Fixed

People have been getting tattoos for hundreds of years, but in recent decades it’s become increasingly popular. However, as time goes on, not all owners of the coveted design are happy with the result. That’s why tattoo removal was invented. Historically, it has been done in the most unusual ways, including the use of garlic and pigeon poop. Later, thankfully, lasers were invented. But one of the popular methods is still a cover up — when the old tattoo is completely covered by a new one.

20 Lucky People Who Didn’t Just Get Clothes but a Real Treasure

Manufacturers of clothing often introduce novelties, like additional zippers, different fasteners, stash pockets, cool patches, etc. Some of them are created to make clothes more convenient or functional, while others work to enforce the image of the brand.

20+ People Who Managed to Turn Their Home into Cozy Space

Every person has their own view of comfort at home. Some people need soft fabrics and pastel colors to feel comfortable, while others require a lot of plants and daylight. And it’s great that some people manage to fulfill all of their wishes and make their home a place they want to stay in forever.

15 Stars Who Dress So Flamboyantly as if Their Looks Were Designed by Lady Gaga

We are quite used to seeing celebrities wearing stunning outfits on the red carpet, and there’s nothing surprising in designer dresses and diamonds. With that said, we can still witness A-listers and the designers who work with them putting truly innovative ideas into their looks and making them stand out in the famous crowd. From intricate optical illusions to movie references, stars prove time and time again that they will never run out of ideas to amaze their fans.

20+ Talented People Who Transformed Their Home from Drab to Fab

Our personal environment can affect our mental health and wellbeing. That’s why it’s important to keep our spaces comfortable and pleasant. And with the help of simple renovations or home improvement projects, we can do wonders not just for our houses, but for our moods as well.

20+ Couture Outfits and What They Look Like on a Model vs a Celebrity

Celebrities get the first pick of luxury dresses and suits tailored for fashion weeks. Singers and actors wear these couture outfits to stand out at formal events and ceremonies. More often than not, celebs don’t just copy the look from the fashion show. Instead, they’ll pick their own accessories, or even slightly change the cut.

20+ Celebrities Who Show by Example That Fashion From Couture Is Not Only for Models

The outfits of famous designers, as a rule, are shown on the runway by tall fashion models with a certain type of figure. So, when looking at fashion shows, we can’t quite imagine how this or that ensemble will look on someone with a different body type. Luckily, thanks to celebrities who wear branded clothing during various events, we have this opportunity.

17 Star Outfit That Literally Everyone Has Been Discussing

Sometimes celebrities like to shock the public and be more memorable by picking an unusual color or bold outfit like Jennifer Lopez did with her green dress at the Grammys in 2000. But in addition to this famous outfit, there are others that came out on top with the hashtag, “daring.”

13 Design Tricks You Should Try at Home to Get the Coziness of a Luxury Hotel

One of the reasons why we all love traveling is staying in hotels. The beds are always beautiful and there are small bottles with gels in the bathroom. Instead of imagining how nice it would be to live in a hotel room, you can try some of the same design tricks hotels use in your own home.