18 Photos Which Prove That a Bad Tattoo Is Not the End of the World, It Can Always Be Fixed

People have been getting tattoos for hundreds of years, but in recent decades it’s become increasingly popular. However, as time goes on, not all owners of the coveted design are happy with the result. That’s why tattoo removal was invented. Historically, it has been done in the most unusual ways, including the use of garlic and pigeon poop. Later, thankfully, lasers were invented. But one of the popular methods is still a cover up — when the old tattoo is completely covered by a new one.

«Freehand tattoo cover up»

«Process of covering up a tattoo that I wasn’t happy with»

“Finally ‘fixed’ the tail. I was soooo self-conscious and had major anxiety but I’m feeling better about things now.”

“Hated my tattoo before. Got it fixed up later by a new artist.”

“Had a bad tattoo fixed”

“Original artist said the tattoo lines would look better than the stencil. They did not.”

“The cover up artist made my ranunculus dreams come true and fixed the mess it used to be”

«No one should have to wear a tattoo they’re unhappy with»

“I got the original on a whim (without searching for a good artist) and ended up hating it. I personally drew up the new design.”

«Coraline piece I fixed up!»

“Someone attempted to incorporate an old sun tattoo on my back into a mandala that I personally designed. First pic is half ‘finished,’ and hated it for many reasons. Redesigned it, and brought it to a better artist! Super happy with the results!”

“My tattoo cover up. I couldn’t be happier. More art will be added further up my arm to balance out the huge leaf on the left side.”

«Bye bye wonky blown-out compass!»

“Covered up two old, horrible tattoos this weekend. You can see bits of the old tat through the lighter areas of the panther, but overall, I don’t hate my arm anymore.”

“Just wanted it gone

«Before and after my coverup»

«My husband got the Galaga tattoo on the left on his 18th birthday from a guy who did it for free. The right is what it looks like now!»

This tattoo artist is a gem

Do you have tattoos? What would you do with a bad one?

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