“You Don’t See Couples Like Us in the Movies or Out in Public.” Liza and Brandon Prove That Love Has No Limits

Many people dream of meeting someone who matches all their expectations perfectly. But our soul mate doesn’t always look the way we might initially imagine them to look. This is the case of Liza Thomas and Brandon Gim. In their couple, the young woman is two inches taller than her boyfriend, and weighs 170 pounds more than him. But that absolutely doesn’t stop them from being very happy together.

For Liza and Brandon, physical attributes are not a priority when choosing a partner. But that wasn’t always the case. Brandon admits that he didn’t like large bodies before, and he even had some doubts at the beginning of their relationship. After all, he grew up in a Korean family and was used to women weighing around 127lb on average.

He said: “Korean beauty standards aren’t open to diversity. Women are hounded to be thinner even when it’s not healthy and doesn’t empower them to be their best selves.”

But meeting Liza changed everything. He shared that he was attracted to her sense of humor, values in life, personality, and the way she navigates the world. He said he became physically attracted to her when he learned to appreciate the beauty of different people.

At first, Liza also worried about the way others looked at them, but in time she stopped paying attention to it, as she is now with the person she loves and nothing else matters.

Liza shared: “We understand it is unusual to see a skinny guy with a big girl. Never mind from different ethnic backgrounds too. You don’t see couples like us in the movies or out in public so I guess it is only natural for people to stare.”

The couple said that even they were shocked when they saw an Asian guy with a black girl once. According to them, society isn’t used to seeing such couples, but they believe that this is changing, slowly but surely, because of social media.

Liza and Brandon hope that their story will encourage people to look outside the box in their search for a soul mate. They say: “Our story proves that love has no limits and an open mind may help people find something beautiful as we have. There may be backlash or weird stares if you go against the ’norm’ but none of that matters if you are happy.”

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