How the Skin Positivity Movement Has Changed Attitudes Toward Skin and Helped Millions of People to Accept Themselves

The largest organ of our body has had a tough time. For a long time in the media, the skin has been scrutinized under a magnifying glass, criticized for even the slightest flaw, and photoshopped at every opportunity. Luckily, skin positivity is now trending. We will tell you what values guide this movement and why we should all join it.

“Grief Can Be Paralyzing, But I’m Learning How to Live Beside It.” Bruce Willis’ Wife Changed Her Entire Life to Fight His Illness

At the altar, couples swear to be together in sorrow and joy, in sickness and health. And of course, most hope to never actually experience these “sorrows” and “sicknesses.” However, Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Heming, has had to face these problems.Since the actor was diagnosed with aphasia and later with frontotemporal dementia (FTD), their lives have been turned upside down. Every day, she fights to reclaim her husband from the terrible illness, and is surprised when people call her a hero for doing so.

At 56 Years Old, Salma Hayek Shines Without Botox and Strict Diets Thanks to Simple Beauty Secrets

Salma Hayek Pinault is 56 years old. The actress has recently played the lead female role in Magic Mike’s Last Dance. Her performance proves that even at her age, she can still break the hearts of handsome men like Channing Tatum. We decided to find out what the secret of her eternal beauty is. It turns out that Salma gets younger with the years thanks to simple but very effective habits.

“It Overtook My Body.” An Influencer’s Story of Childbirth and Motherhood Struck the Net With Its Honesty and Went Viral

Molly-Mae Hague is a British Influencer. In 2019, she took part in the reality show Love Island, where she met her partner, Tommy Fury. The pair made it to the finals and got 2nd place, but the big prize for them was their new-found love. Molly-Mae and Tommy soon began living together, and in September 2022, they announced they were expecting their first child.

7 Tricks That Will Help You to Fall Asleep Easily

Many people will tell you to start meditating or keeping a sleep diary if you experience trouble sleeping. But that’s not exactly helpful when you wake up at 3 a.m., and all you want is to go back to sleep. What you need are practical ways to induce sleep. For some, you’ll need to get out of bed, but for some others, all you have to do is stay where you are.

10 Popular Foods That Surprisingly Contain More Sugar Than We Could Expect

Experts recommend that women should only consume 24 grams of sugar a day, while men are allowed up to 36 grams. But did you know that a can of soda already contains nearly 40 grams of sugar? Granted, everyone knows sodas are high in sugar, but many are unaware that a can of tomato soup can hold up to 20 grams of sugar per serving, and your favorite apple juice, even if labeled unsweetened, has about 25 grams of sugar a cup.

Why Not All Couples Sleep Under One Blanket and How This Affects Their Relationship

If you sleep in the same bed as your partner, you probably get a sense of closeness and security next to them. However, at the same time, there can be inconveniences — from the trivial “battle over the blanket” to the discomfort caused by your partner’s habit of tossing and turning at night. One strategy that couples can try in these cases is the Scandinavian sleep method. This means the partners share a bed, but each person sleeps under a separate blanket. This allows each person to sleep in a more comfortable environment without disturbing each other’s sleep.

How Different Types of Water Affect Our Health and Why “Expensive” Doesn’t Always Mean Better

It’s impossible to imagine a healthy lifestyle without water. Today, almost all people know what their daily norm for water intake is and try to drink it. While everything about quantity seems pretty straightforward, there is still much we can learn about the quality of the water we drink. We have made a ranking of water from worst to best and explained why cheaper options are not necessarily of poorer quality than more expensive choices.

6 Tooth Brushing Mistakes That Can Cause Extra Visits to The Dentist

There’s more than one million bacteria on your toothbrush, and although most of them are harmless, some can still hurt your teeth. While daily brushing is essential for keeping your teeth healthy, some mistakes you might be unknowingly making can do more harm than good.

How to Choose the Perfect Bra And Why Its Type Affects Your Breasts and Health

Underwire bras have metallic semi-loop wires in the lower part to support the breasts. They can also cause discomfort if the bra doesn’t fit you. Non-wired bras are usually made from soft cotton, so they’re softer on the breast and more comfortable than wired bras. In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of every bra type, find out which is better, and whether you can live without a bra.

14 Ways Our Body Can Tell Us That Something Is Wrong

Our bodies are constantly telling us about our condition. Sometimes, they give us simple hints, for example, when it’s time to eat or sleep. In other situations, the signals are like an alarm — fever, pain, or a rash. But there are moments when it seems that nothing special is going on because signs like mouth dryness or cracking skin on the heels are unpleasant but normal. And we might not even know that they might be indicators of serious health conditions, and maybe it’s time to see a doctor.

8 Unexpected Things That Can Ruin Our Sleep Cycle

Up to 30% of people suffer from chronic insomnia, and the number of those who use sleeping pills increases with age and education. You might wonder why you still don’t get enough sleep after setting up a bedtime ritual. The problem might lie in the smallest things that you haven’t even thought about.

“I am disabled but I will do my best.” Selma Blair Has Undergone Experimental Treatment to Raise Her Son and Return to Acting

Selma Blair became a Hollywood star at the turn of the millennium, and then she unexpectedly disappeared. It seemed that the actress got carried away by raising children, so she agreed to star only in episodes of TV shows. But in fact, the star had other reasons for working less. Her entire life, Selma had been suffering from unexplainable symptoms. It was only in 2018 that doctors found out she had an incurable illness.

Maggie Smith Battled Cancer for Two Years, Barely Able to Stand on Her Feet During Filming, but She Managed to Restart Her Career

Maggie Smith is best known for her roles as the unstoppable Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter franchise and the witty Violet Crawley in Downton Abbey. But in real life, the actress’s personality is in no way inferior to that of her characters. Watching Maggie’s mesmerizing performance on screen, it’s hard to imagine that, twice in her career, she has had to overcome tough challenges and fight for her own health.

“I’m Younger Now Than I Was When I Was 20.” Jane Fonda Is 85 and Celebrating Her 3rd Victory Over Cancer

The year 2022 was not an easy one for Jane Fonda. The two-time Oscar winner was diagnosed with cancer, but the actress wasn’t discouraged and passed the challenge with flying colors. Thankfully, the disease soon went into remission and Jane went on to live her life with even more energy and gratitude to fate. We take a look back at how the events unfolded and reveal what motivates the eco-activist and star of Grace and Frankie to take care of herself.

TikTok Advises Taping Your Mouth Shut at Night, but Doctors Are Very Alarmed by the New Trend

TikTok trends never cease to amaze with their originality. For example, mouth taping has become one of the latest hits. People all over the world are taping their lips shut at night, all in the name of health. We reveal why they do it, and how safe it is from a medical perspective.

“I Don’t Want Little Girls to Skip Dinner.” Jennifer Lawrence Refused to Lose Weight for “The Hunger Games” Because of Her Fans

Actors’ figures have long been the subject of public discussion and judgment. And even America’s favorite, Jennifer Lawrence, hasn’t escaped this sad fate. In a recent interview, the star revealed how The Hunger Games producers suggested that she lose weight for the role, but Jennifer rejected the idea. We reveal why the Oscar winner decided not to lose weight and recall how Lawrence made the world a kinder and better place with her body-positive ideas.

What Scented Candles Are For, and Why You Should Be Careful When Choosing a Fragrance

It would seem that scented candles, which flicker cosily, filling the house with pleasant fragrances, are great for creating a festive mood. However, over 30% of the population say that scented products do nothing but irritate them. And some consumers even perceive such products as potentially harmful. Let’s find out how true people’s suspicions are, and which smells pet owners should stay away from.

7 Tips That Will Help You To Fall Asleep Faster Than When Counting Sheep

The benefits of sleep go further than being well-rested. It is a vital part of a healthy immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other functions. It can also help you lose weight and strengthen your heart. So it is definitely one thing that we should pay attention to and make sure that we’re getting enough of it.

It Took Brendan Fraser Many Years to Fully Accept His Body, and Now He’s Finally Given Up Dieting

Brendan Fraser was at the height of his popularity in the 2000s. He was getting lead roles in comedy and sci-fi films, and the The Mummy franchise made him a real star. But behind the scenes, the actor was suffering through grueling diets and health problems, which led to severe burnout and a subsequent withdrawal from cinema. Eventually, years later, Brendan managed to overcome these difficulties and made a triumphant return, starring in The Whale, where he once again redefined acceptance of himself and his body.