“It Overtook My Body.” An Influencer’s Story of Childbirth and Motherhood Struck the Net With Its Honesty and Went Viral

Molly-Mae Hague is a British Influencer. In 2019, she took part in the reality show Love Island, where she met her partner, Tommy Fury. The pair made it to the finals and got 2nd place, but the big prize for them was their new-found love. Molly-Mae and Tommy soon began living together, and in September 2022, they announced they were expecting their first child.

Tommy was fully involved in the birth process.

On the 23rd of January, 2023, Molly-Mae and Tommy’s daughter was born. They called the girl Bambi. The young mom said that she and her partner came up with the baby’s name almost as soon as they met. They liked that it was cute and quite original. According to Molly-Mae, they had never met a girl with this name.

On the day of the birth, the couple arrived at the hospital in London. Tommy was by his girlfriend’s side the whole time, helping and supporting her through this difficult time. “He literally watched everything. He also watched me give full birth to Bambi,” said Molly-Mae.

Openly shared what awaits a woman during childbirth

After being discharged from the hospital, the new mom recorded a video and shared the story of her first childbirth. The story was so emotional that Molly-Mae burst into tears right at the start of it. She talked in detail about the process, the pain she went through, and how she coped with it.

“I was in pain and it was really, really hard. It kind of felt like five hours of excruciating period pains. It was intense from my head to my toes I could feel the pain — it overtook my body. I spent five to six hours rolling around in bed crying. I just kept saying to the nurses as soon as you can give me an epidural please give me one.”

As the labor went on for a long time, the doctors recommended Molly-Mae have a C-section, but in the end, she managed with an epidural. Thanks to the painkillers, the young mom was able to go through with natural birth and got to experience the joy of giving birth to a new human being. Molly-Mae also captured this life-changing moment on video.

“This is the most vulnerable video I will ever, ever have of me. I bawled my eyes out watching it.”

Worries that she may develop postpartum depression

In addition to detailing the birth of her baby, Molly-Mae shared her fear of developing postpartum depression. According to the Influencer, her mother suffered terribly from it, both after Molly-Mae’s and her sister’s birth. To avoid this, while still pregnant, she tried not to push herself or make herself feel the crazy maternal love that everyone talks about.

“It was something I was always very cautious about and I didn’t want to put this huge pressure on myself to give birth to Bambi and be literally besotted and infatuated.”

Not putting pressure on herself had a positive effect on Molly-Mae’s emotional health. When her daughter was born, she immediately felt an overwhelming love for Bambi. “There’s nothing on this planet I wouldn’t do for her,” the young mom says.

Admits that after having given birth, she’s always crying

The postpartum period was a very emotional one for Molly-Mae. She shared that she didn’t sleep well for a fortnight. One of the reasons being that she’s breastfeeding. She described parenthood as “the craziest thing ever that has happened to me but also the best thing that has happened to me” and added that she’s coping very well with everything that’s happening to her now. “This is me just crying all of the time, so emotional,” she explained through tears as she spoke in the video about her first experience of childbirth and motherhood.

Overwhelmed with emotions from the love she feels for her baby

Describing the emotional moment when she got to hold her newborn daughter for the first time, Molly-Mae admits she was in total shock at the unspeakable joy of the experience. She is now enjoying the daily responsibilities of motherhood and notes that she takes photos of absolutely everything to never forget those first days with her long-awaited baby. “One-week old day. I can’t believe we get to keep you forever. Becoming your mum has been the best thing to ever happen to me — it doesn’t seem possible but my love for you grows with each passing moment,” the happy mom captioned one of the photos.

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