How Different Types of Water Affect Our Health and Why “Expensive” Doesn’t Always Mean Better

It’s impossible to imagine a healthy lifestyle without water. Today, almost all people know what their daily norm for water intake is and try to drink it. While everything about quantity seems pretty straightforward, there is still much we can learn about the quality of the water we drink. We have made a ranking of water from worst to best and explained why cheaper options are not necessarily of poorer quality than more expensive choices.

Tap water

Tap water is probably the least preferable choice, even though its quality varies a lot depending on where you live. For example, in Germany, you can drink tap water without fear, and in the US, the best tap water is in Oregon.

But old pipes and proximity of factories can lower the water quality. Tap water has been shown to contain traces of heavy metals, traces of pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, and bacteria such as e. coli and more. To make sure your tap water is safe, you need to send a sample to a certified laboratory. You can find the nearest one here.

Bottled water

Of course, in certain cases, bottled water is a good choice, but don’t turn it into a habit. Bottled water costs a lot, it’s bad for the environment, and its quality is not very good.

The plastic used for the bottles is not safe. It contains bisphenol A, which is a chemical that increases the risk of cancer. Besides, the body mixes it with estrogen, which leads to endocrine disruption, and as a result, to weight gain and skin problems.

Reusable plastic bottles are not much better. On average, they go to the dump 2-3 years later. There are good alternatives for plastic, such as stainless steel and glass. They are easy to take care of. If you use such bottles, your health and the planet are safer.

Alkaline water

Alkaline water is made from tap water, using special filters and chemicals. This is a very expensive method. Many people believe that increasing the body pH helps prevent illnesses. And some people take it a step further and not only drink alkaline water, but also have special diets.

There aren’t many studies about the effects of alkaline water, and the ones we have often contradict each other. Basically, there’s no hard evidence that alkaline water is really that good for us.

Electrolyte water

During long workouts, athletes restore the water-salt balance in their bodies using electrolyte water. Such water often contains added sugar, and the amount of electrolytes in it is quite low.

A good alternative to such drinks is coconut water. Nature has already done everything that is necessary and put carbs and electrolytes into coconut water. It’s proven that coconut water can help correct the body’s electrolyte deficiency. Besides, it tastes good, makes you feel full, and prevents stomach problems.

Reverse osmosis water

Different methods are used to clean water at home. While distillation processes can take a lot of time, reverse osmosis systems are relatively quick and simpler. Such water is safe for drinking.

However, this technology is not perfect. It removes all the harmful elements from water, but it also removes all the minerals. Fortunately, this problem can be solved. Some water filters can return the minerals to the water. If your filter doesn’t have this function, you can add Himalayan salt or chop vegetables and fruits to your water. If you decide to add extra components to your water, you should drink it right away or the minerals will dissolve.

Mineral water

We drink mineral water to correct mineral deficiency in our bodies and to prevent and treat illnesses. For example, natural mineral water rich in magnesium and sulphate is good for bowel movement. And, according to a study, mineral water that is rich in silicon helps remove excess aluminum. This can improve cognitive abilities in people with Alzheimer’s.

Mineral water is good, but it’s a tool that has to be used correctly. There are certain intricacies you should know: different types of mineral water should be drunk in different quantities, at different temperatures, and so on. All the treatment protocols should be prescribed by a qualified specialist.

Spring water

Spring water is the best possible choice. The mineral composition is incredible. The analysis of chemical and physical properties shows that it improves our health, keeps us young, and helps prevent many illnesses. It’s possible that there’s a source of pure spring water not far from where you live. You can find the nearest spring here.

What kind of water do you drink?

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