10 Easy Tricks That Will Help to Get the Stink Out of the Bathroom

If you’re tired of struggling with bathroom odors, this article is definitely for you — we’ve compiled 10 great hacks to help you keep your bathroom smelling great. These tips and tricks will become game- changers to make your bathroom smell nice and get rid of that nasty stench forever.

What Scented Candles Are For, and Why You Should Be Careful When Choosing a Fragrance

It would seem that scented candles, which flicker cosily, filling the house with pleasant fragrances, are great for creating a festive mood. However, over 30% of the population say that scented products do nothing but irritate them. And some consumers even perceive such products as potentially harmful. Let’s find out how true people’s suspicions are, and which smells pet owners should stay away from.

12 Things That Are Best Kept Out of the Bathroom

Many of us keep things in our bathrooms that shouldn’t really be there. For example, some cosmetic products are better kept in less humid and cooler areas. And some accessories that we’re all used to, like towel hooks, should be replaced with more practical options. Here’s a list of items that you should stop keeping in the bathroom.

10 House Plants That Actually Help Us to Sleep Better

Most people notice that their mood improves when they’re surrounded by plants. And this is no surprise — it’s human nature. We have an innate connection with our surroundings (a term known as biophilia), which is why it’s so important to have green pets that we call houseplants, around you.

20+ Brave People Who Were Not Scared of Dirt and Managed to Find a Real Treasure

Very few people can say that cleaning is their favorite activity. However, sooner or later, you’ll have to muster up all your willpower, pick up a rag and a sponge, and start cleaning. Sometimes the results of such work are so amazing that it’s hard to believe that such beauty was hidden under all those layers of dust, grease, and dirt.

15 Places for Rent That Are Really Difficult to Forget

Nowadays, looking for a place to rent is some sort of quest. There are so many variables in play: location, price, landlords. And sometimes, you can come across such amazing places that you don’t even know how to react to them.

20+ People Who Managed to Turn Their Home into Cozy Space

Every person has their own view of comfort at home. Some people need soft fabrics and pastel colors to feel comfortable, while others require a lot of plants and daylight. And it’s great that some people manage to fulfill all of their wishes and make their home a place they want to stay in forever.

7 Little Things in Our Homes That We Usually Don’t Pay Attention but Our Guests Will

Sometimes we’re so used to our houses that we don’t even notice some basic things that are actually obvious. Or, on the contrary, we might be obsessed over certain details and completely forget about the basic ones. Luckily, we have a list of things that might influence the way your guests see your house.

11 Design Tricks That Allow to Turn a Very Small Hallway Into Zest of Your Homes

The foyer is a space that not only serves as the entrance to the house but also functions as a fluid connection to the common areas. Although generally, its structure can be narrow and long, with creativity and the right details, you can take advantage of it to make it become a wider space with greater visual proportions, which will give life and light back to the home. We did not limit ourselves to advice and posted bonus illustrative examples of how these tricks work in the interiors of netizens.

10 Seemingly Harmless Plants We’d Better Keep Away From Home

When it comes to making our house a safe place for our family and pets, we tend to focus on the obvious to-dos: cushioning sharp edges, covering the outlets, installing gates on the stairs. But we don’t usually take into account a silent threat. Plants make homes more lively places but they can pose a risk to our children, pets, and even to ourselves.

20 People Who Proved That Good Clean Can Do Wonders

Sometimes all that’s needed is a thorough clean to turn a not-so-good-looking patio into a cozy corner and a grassy path into a cool design. People are doing some awesome magic with their homes, and because they shared the before and after images, we can see the superb results for ourselves.

20+ People Tired of Messiness and Chaos Around Them and Cleaned Up Everything

Every week, the knicks and knacks in our houses multiply until one day, we feel suffocated and we make the decision to organize and clean our houses. You might be familiar with that one chair that is full of clothes. People around the world have put a stop to their messy homes and shared the progress they made — and we can feel their relief.

20+ People Who Know How to Organize Their Home in Such a Way that Mary Poppins Would Envy

When you realize that you have way too many bottles in your bathroom and way too many clothes in the closet, it’s time to do something about the space you have at home. You can ask professionals for help or try to do it yourself. The most important thing is to be patient.

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Living Space

Having the home of your dreams goes beyond how big or luxurious a house is. It’s really about how happy you are in the place you’ve created. To that end, the elements you have inside, like furniture and decor, are critical. But perhaps you’ve seen beautiful boards on Pinterest and gotten frustrated because your home doesn’t look exactly the same.

20+ Things That are Better Than New After Cleaning a Layer of Dirt From Them

Cleaning-ups make miracles — you wash some things, you wipe other things and your favorite objects start to shine in the sun. But be careful: they say that people get hooked on this activity and sometimes you might find yourself cleaning your neighbors’ things after you are done with yours.

20+ Cool Things That Their New Owners Dug Up in the Trash

In developed countries, people throw away unfinished meals, clothes, functioning devices, and others things. According to the UN, each year, people throw away more than 930 million tons of food and 92 million tons of textile waste. In Europe and the US, people don’t want to put up with this, and they do something called dumpster diving. People literally dive into dumpsters to try to find things that can still be used.

11 Tips to Enjoy the Rest of the Summer Without Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are among the few creatures that can ruin your summer. When the season starts, supermarket shelves are full of all sorts of sprays, spirals, and traps. But aside from specialized products, there are many alternative ways to protect yourself from the annoying insects.

15+ People That Went to Someone’s Place and Returned Home Stupefied

There are days when you go to someone’s place, not expecting any surprises, and end up shocked. Some people don’t like seeing cats licking dishes on the table, and others can’t understand why there is not a single bed in the bedroom. Yet the homeowners themselves don’t seem to see anything out of the ordinary! More than that, they might be quite astounded if they were to find out that’s not how you live.

20 People Who Seem to Know a Thing About Renovation

Many people are intimidated by the very idea of renovation not only because it’s an expensive process. You also have to find skilled workers to carry it out. This is why those who can renovate their homes with their own hands deserve our sincere admiration.

7 Animals That Can Get Through to Your Toilet, and How to Stop Them

There is nothing worse than uninvited guests, and when you find them under the toilet lid, this meeting can hardly called pleasant. Mice, snakes and frogs can get into the house through pipes, and they can not only frighten you, but also cause serious damage to property.