15+ People That Went to Someone’s Place and Returned Home Stupefied

There are days when you go to someone’s place, not expecting any surprises, and end up shocked. Some people don’t like seeing cats licking dishes on the table, and others can’t understand why there is not a single bed in the bedroom. Yet the homeowners themselves don’t seem to see anything out of the ordinary! More than that, they might be quite astounded if they were to find out that’s not how you live.

We at CHEERY also love to visit our friends and acquaintances from time to time to see what their homes are like. Of course, we sometimes find ourselves in awkward situations, but the fun is worth it.

  • “Went over to friend’s for a birthday. Was warned they were ordering takeout because they don’t cook. Got there and they had no dishes or pots or pans. No glasses. No coffee cups. Literally none. But the kitchen cabinets were full of random things like a Pictionary game and some batteries and spare light bulbs. Disposable plates. A drawer full of plastic spoons and forks.” © Nobody_Wins_13 / Reddit
  • “I spent a weekend with a friend who was the youngest of 8 boys, and all 10 of these people would communicate by yelling. They were a loving household, but until that point in my life, really the only time someone yelled in my presence was when someone was very angry. These guys were screaming at each other to get a slice of pizza. I understand, when there’s 10 of you, 9 of you boys, you have to yell to get heard.” © cold08 / Reddit
  • “My school friend lived on a farm in Wales. The first time I went round, a sheep ran down the stairs as we were going in through the front door. There was also a newborn baby lamb warming in the home.” © got_got_need / Reddit
  • “Not all families eat dinner together. As a kid, I would eat dinner with my family. We would all gather around a table and eat, we had a TV on in the background, so mom and dad could listen to the news. Other than that, we would eat and talk. First time I went to my friend’s house, I sat at their dining table and my friend said, ’What are you doing? Let’s go back up to my room and eat.’ ” © LatinoHeatps4 / Reddit
  • “One of our wealthiest friends and one of the sharper dressers lives in a house with no furniture. He has a few camping chairs around his kitchen counter and his bedroom is a mattress in the ground with different piles of clothes around. He irons every outfit before he puts it on.” © WatchTheBoom / Reddit
  • “It’s pretty tame in comparison to the rest of these stories, but it took me like 3 visits to my friend’s house before I realized they didn’t have any mirrors. Still not sure if it’s a deliberate choice or what the deal is, but it’s kinda weird to me.” © TheLesserWombat / Reddit
  • “Dinner guests were shocked to see their 2 cats on the kitchen counters as plates were being prepared for serving. The cats just licked and nibbled wherever they chose — with no effort made by the hosts to keep them away from the food about to be served.” © Back2Bach / Reddit
  • “I go into my brother’s friend apartment and... yeah. They had an old couch, a TV, a dining room table, and not much else. When I got home I told my mom, and she told me, ’That’s why we allow any of your friends, your sister’s friends, or your brother’s friends over. As long as they follow the rules, we don’t mind being a bit of a home for them when they need it.’ ” © Jennyferr0412 / Reddit
  • “My brother-in-law is a woodworker as a hobby. I knew it was very important to him, but when I actually went to his house... The whole entire house, except for bedroom and bathrooms, he converted into one giant woodworking studio.” © Hysterical_Realist / Reddit
  • “My friend was like, ’Want a Kit-Kat?’ I said: ’Sure.’ He proceeded to unwrap the candy bar, set it on a plate, and then put it in the microwave until the chocolate had melted off the wafers. I was freaked out and said I don’t need mine microwaved. He looked shocked and said, ’You eat them raw?!’ ” © billyslits / Reddit
  • “I remember I went to visit a Somali family. They had a house with 2 bedrooms, but there were mattresses in the living area, all around the walls with like ethnic plaids, nice carpets everywhere, no tables or beds to be seen. It didn’t look cheap — money didn’t seem to be an issue. I asked my friend where they slept? She explained they just choose a spot, take a blanket out of the build in cabinets and sleep there. Their clothes? Also all in the build in cabinets.” © SnooComics8268 / Reddit
  • “All the lights of the house were red, because some astrologer told them it was good for them.” © SuvenPan / Reddit
  • “I’m 32 now, but when I was about 11 or 12, I was invited to hang out with my brother and his friend at his friend’s house. We were there for about an hour when I asked to use the bathroom and when they told me where it was they said to be careful. I didn’t know why at first, but it then became apparent. They kept their pet iguana in the bathroom. No cage. Just chilling on the sink. To this day, I still have questions.” © Mjolnirstime / Reddit
  • “The first girl I dated while in college had her own house. It was absolutely filthy. Not just garbage everywhere, but just random stuff lying around and zero organization. She was definitely a hoarder. We broke up after about a month, but a few years later hooked up again, and her house was waaay better. I’m glad it wasn’t a permanent thing for her.” © TheW83 / Reddit
  • “I was invited to a friend’s home, the entire house was rotting, molding and basically falling apart, but when I entered his room everything was fancy, high-tech, and expensive. This family was treating their child like a God, but literally letting their house rot apart. I still don’t get it.” © Mandoart-Studios / Reddit
  • “Walked in and nothing was on the walls. No art, no pictures, nothing, whole house just bare walls and not like nice panels or anything, like regular middle class home painted walls they also had zero stuff out. Nothing on the counter, had a coffee table nothing on it, corner table nothing on it. It was all just empty, I’m still not entirely convinced they weren’t all aliens trying to fit in.” © Confident-Lack5153 / Reddit
  • “Had dinner at a friend’s house, and we weren’t allowed to drink anything until we ate our whole plate of food. I started crying.” © Wife2Bears / Reddit
  • “One time I went to a friend’s house where most of the house was sparkling, it smelled wonderful, and it was extremely neat and clean, not a single piece of dust or dirt. However, when I walked into their bedroom, I was surprised at just how messy it was. And it was the exact same for all the other sibling’s rooms. I guess that I just found it weird the entire house was spotless, except for the bedrooms.” © Comprehensive-Tip819 / Reddit
  • “My best friend in high school was living with hoarder parents who would leave the Christmas tree up all year round and only replaced it the week before Christmas. They even left last year’s presents on the fireplace almost all year.” © usarina16 / Reddit

Have you ever been shocked by something you saw at other people’s places? What was it?

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