20 People Who Seem to Know a Thing About Renovation

Many people are intimidated by the very idea of renovation not only because it’s an expensive process. You also have to find skilled workers to carry it out. This is why those who can renovate their homes with their own hands deserve our sincere admiration.

At CHEERY, we found photos of Internet users who boast the results of their self-made home renovations.

“We planned to refinishing basement to fit our growing family and have a large open place for gatherings. After all, the entire area was almost 1,000 square feet of space!”

“We turned our 1,836 square feet barn upstairs into guest quarters.”

“My first bathroom remodel. I’ve never done one. So, I watched a bunch of YouTube and told myself, if I got into trouble I’d hire someone. What do you all think?”

“I had a weird room off the side of my kitchen, so I decided to turn it into a walk-in pantry.”

“Now it’s my own perfect space. I did it alone with only a few phone calls to my dad. My carpenter grandpa would be so proud.”

“Kitchen remodel is complete! Here are the before and after photos.”

“I thought it would take thousands to renovate my bathroom, and I gave up. My boyfriend did an awesome job.”

“Kitchen renovation done after 13+ months. Before and after.”

“It took about 3 months. I was doing this whenever I wasn’t working my full-time job. I know it’s not perfect but I’m very proud of my bathroom remodel.”

“I remodeled my deck. Some of the materials were a little pricey, but by doing it myself I saved more than half of what it would have cost to go with a deck company”

“My fiancé and I remodeled our living room ourselves.”

“Our kitchen remodel. I did all the design myself and we actually DIYed most of the construction of it.”

“My first kitchen renovation. We wanted a look and feel that was calming, classic, and clean. I think we did pretty well!”

“Our home improvement project is done. From the planning and initial steps all the way through to screwing in the last lightbulb. It was a long 6 months.”

“A previous owner made an office in this room and installed this behemoth of a desk, which took up half of the space. I’ve done renovations, and it is now my man cave.”

Bathroom before and after renovations

“This bathroom was always shoddy, there was no crawl space. Now it feels so much bigger!”

“I got lucky and managed to buy an apartment without overbidding. I had a tight budget, so I renovated the entire place by myself.”

“I added a porch to the front of my house as I felt space wasn’t used well like this.”

“My fiancée and I completely renovated one of our bathrooms in our 1890s Victorian house!”

“I renovated my back ‘yard’ to be a full paver patio.”

Did you ever make renovation yourself? Share your story with us.

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