12 Things That Are Best Kept Out of the Bathroom

Many of us keep things in our bathrooms that shouldn’t really be there. For example, some cosmetic products are better kept in less humid and cooler areas. And some accessories that we’re all used to, like towel hooks, should be replaced with more practical options. Here’s a list of items that you should stop keeping in the bathroom.

Towel hooks

Towel hooks don’t take up much space, but it’s considered best to use towel rails instead. If this isn’t possible, it’s important to remember not to hang more than one towel per hook. Otherwise, they’re unlikely to dry properly, which can lead to mold.

Certain skin care products

Not all beauty products should be kept in the bathroom. Even some scrubs and cleansers should be kept somewhere else. This applies, in particular, to cosmetics containing vitamin C and retinol, as they can become ineffective due to high temperatures.

It’s also important to pay attention to the packaging. Tubs can easily allow air and light in, which is not good for the products. Bottles with a dispenser, on the other hand, are more reliable. The main thing is to make sure that the opening stays clean.

Cosmetics samples

Cosmetics samples often take up a lot of space on shelves and in cabinets in the bathroom. They can easily get accumulated, as you can get them almost anywhere, but they hardly ever get used. As a result, these samples just end up gathering dust.


It’s important to store your sponge correctly to extend its life and avoid mold. Don’t leave it in the shower after use. It’s better to take it to another less humid room, where it can dry thoroughly. For example, hang it by an open window.

Contact lenses

Keeping a lens container close by, next to the sink may be handy, but it’s not the best place for it. There is too much risk of germs getting onto the lenses in the bathroom. Especially if you leave an open container close to the toilet.

Cleaning equipment

Cleaning tools, such as a mop, should be kept in a cool, dry place, and the bathroom doesn’t fit this definition at all. What’s more, this room tends to harbor bacteria. It’s even advisable to use a separate mop for cleaning the bathroom floor.

Showerhead baskets

Showerhead baskets can be used to save space in the bathroom. For example, you can store your shampoos and soaps and keep them close at hand. Moreover, there’s no need for any time or effort to install them.

But due to their construction, these organizers aren’t very reliable. All it takes is picking up a heavy shampoo bottle at one end, and the basket will tilt to the other side. Some models have suction cups to hold them in place, but that doesn’t always help.

Coconut oil

It’s important to always keep coconut oil at the same temperature. Even if you use it as a skin care product, you shouldn’t leave it in the bathroom — the constant temperature fluctuations can cause the oil to go off more quickly.

Bath bombs

The moisture and heat in the bathroom will not be good for bath bombs. If kept there, over time, they may shrink in size and produce less fizz.

Bath toys

It’s best not to throw rubber ducks and other bath toys into a basket immediately after bathing but to let them dry. Ideally, by an open window. It’s also better to not store them in the bathroom, as it’s too warm and humid there, and this can lead to the toys moulding.

Plastic toilet brush

Do not use or store the toilet brush in the bathroom. After cleaning the toilet bowl, it harbors tons of bacteria. If you keep the toilet brush in the bathroom, these bacteria will spread further. Instead, it’s advisable to clean the toilet bowl by hand using rubber gloves or to switch to silicone toilet brushes. Silicone attracts fewer germs than plastic.

Toilet lid cover

Some people find these covers practical. Firstly, they decorate the bathroom. Secondly, they make it more comfortable to sit on the toilet lid while you dry your hair, for example. But even those, who like these covers, also recognize that you need to keep them clean and have a few at your disposal. Having a toilet lid cover will make it more difficult to clean the bathroom, as you will have to clean the cover regularly.

Which of these things do you have in your bathroom? What items would you add to the list?

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