15 Movie Stars Who Managed to Make a Comeback After a Long Break and Now Shine Brighter Than Ever

To climb up to the heights of Hollywood and stay there for at least a few years is every aspiring actor’s dream. True, fame is a fickle friend, and in most cases it will leave you quite abruptly. But the film industry has seen a few lucky ones who, after a break in their careers, have managed to return to their profession and end up shining brighter than ever.

16 Actors Whose Movie Costumes Were a True Nightmare

Costumes help make movie characters come alive and be more believable. Actors and actresses always look forward to the first time they put on a costume and take on their roles. But stars aren’t always comfortable wearing these getups. In this case, they’re forced to spend weeks, and even months, in tight, clunky clothes, spending hours in the dressing room.

18 Almost Imperceptible Easter Eggs That Still Didn’t Escape Attentive Viewers

We all have a movie we love so much that we can watch it hundreds of times and never get tired of it. You may even know some dialogues by heart. Perhaps you even noticed some Easter eggs hiding in plain sight.

Take a Look at the First Roles of These 17 Actors Who Have Since Become Famous and Successful

Many actors start working at a young age and literally grow up on film sets. Of course, sometimes their first on-screen appearance is a tiny role that not every fan will remember. Still, it’s interesting to see stars at the beginning of their journey to success.

Disney Showed the Trailer for “Peter Pan & Wendy,” Featuring Yara Shahidi As the First Black Tinker Bell in History

The premiere of the film Peter Pan & Wendy is scheduled for April 28, 2023. Exactly 2 months before this date, the Disney studio released an official trailer for the movie on its YouTube channel. After that, it became clear that Yara Shahidi, who plays the role of the whimsical fairy, will definitely go down in cinema history. She is the first black woman to play Tinker Bell. However, not all viewers appreciated the director’s and screenwriters’ idea.

Artificial Neural Network Shows What the Kids of Iconic Couples From Films and TV Series Would Look Like

Most will know what it feels like when a movie ends, but the questions about the plot just keep going around in your head. What happened to the characters next? What was their fate? What would they have looked like in 20, 30, 40 years’ time? Fortunately, artificial intelligence can help us find the answers. Today we asked it to show us what the children of our favourite couples from films and TV series would have looked like.

Jenna Ortega Is Self-Conscious of Her Body Hair and Shaves Her Arms and Legs After Being Told She Had “Gorilla Arms” in 6th Grade

Jenna Ortega became the “queen of horror” after the release of Scream, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, and X. And once the series Wednesday hit the screens, no one had any doubts that a star had been born. The actress’ talent is recognized by critics and fans alike, but even these achievements can’t rid the celebrity of her complexes. But she talks about this openly with her fans.

19 Times Actors Remembered Their Starring Roles With Regret

Any job has its pros and cons; for Hollywood actors, it seems that one downside of their profession is having to play characters that they might not like very much. While many celebrities refrain from commenting about their most hated characters, others have openly revealed the projects they regret doing.

12 Live-Action Adaptations That Improved the Design of Their Original Animated Characters

When the live-action of a story we all like is announced, the first question that comes to mind is who will be the actor who will play this or that character and how they will look with their clothes and hairstyle. However, there are times when producers twist the story with a new look, changing the protagonist’s appearance and giving the movie or series a fresh and modern style.

17 Tiny Mistakes from Movies That Were Noticed By Attentive Viewers

Filmmaking is a time-consuming and complicated process. The filming of a single scene may take a few hours or even days. And the editing can be done using footage taken during different periods of time. This is why bloopers appear.An actor can put on the wrong accessory, or a set dresser can arrange props in a different way. Sometimes it even happens that the movie director makes a mistake on purpose, as if trying to send a hidden message to viewers.

12 Times Attentive Viewers Noticed Inaccuracies in Movie Costume Designs

Creating a film is hard work and often requires hundreds of people, so the chances of making a mistake on set are huge. Some of these mistakes end up in the bloopers, but there are some goofs that appear in the film itself and shock viewers. They’re often the result of blunders made by costume designers, especially in historical movies.

20+ Actresses From Popular TV Shows Who Look Completely Different On the Red Carpet

Actresses are ready to change their appearance completely to get into character and look exactly like the film director wants them to look. But on the red carpet, they can look exactly the way they want to look. We decided to compare what the actresses from our favorite series look like on screen and in real life.

17 Pairs of Actors Who Have Proven That Flawless Casting Really Does Exist

Scientists in Australia have found that the chances of meeting your lookalike are incredibly slim, only one in a trillion. But nothing is impossible for talented casting directors. In some projects, the actors are so well chosen that you can’t help but wonder if they might really be related.

14 Movie Stars Who Went Above and Beyond to Get the Right Physicality for Their Character

Intensive training, losing weight, or gaining it — these are just some of the things actors are willing to do to play a role convincingly. The following facts prove that many actors have to work really hard before appearing on the red carpet.

19 Movies and Series Where Creators Left Important Details in Plain Sight, and We Almost Missed Them

Movie and series creators often hide small details in plain sight to help the viewers understand the story and characters better or just to leave Easter eggs for movie fans. We don’t always notice these little things during the first watch. Here are some examples from the series and movies of recent years that you might have missed.

“That’s Scary.” Keanu Reeves Has Put a Clause in His Contract That Prohibits the Use of Digital Editing on His Character

These days, it’s hard to imagine a film without computer graphics. Complex costumes and sets have pretty much become a thing of the past because it’s much easier to “draw” a cosmic landscape and previously unseen creatures using a computer. Complex scenes used to take months to create, but now everything happens much more quickly. However, not all actors are happy with these trends. Keanu Reeves, for example, has prohibited the editing of his characters and explains why he’s intimidated by the widespread use of digital editing in film.

15 Times Actors Stepped Away From the Script and Directors Said, “That’s Actually Pretty Cool”

Some actors and actresses are such good fits for their roles, we can hardly imagine anyone else in their place. All because they not only follow what the movie director says, but they also create the flick together with them — and they’re not scared to improvise.

“I Married Somebody Half My Age and Everybody Thought I Was Crazy.” The Story of Dick Van Dyke, Who Found Love at the Age of 86

Some people say that love can conquer all ages. Hollywood star Dick Van Dyke got a chance to personally find out if this is true. The 97-year-old actor has been immensely happy in his second marriage to 51-year-old Arlene Silver for 11 years already. According to Van Dyke, the secret to his longevity lies in these relationships.

31 Years Ago, Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves Had a Wedding, and They Still Consider Themselves Married

Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder have been friends for over three decades. They have starred together in four films, and every one of their onscreen appearances sparkles with such chemistry that fans often wonder why they’re not together. What’s more, in 1992, the pair even had a wedding, and still consider themselves married to each other.

Photos of Reese and Ashton Were Called “Awkward” Online, but the Reason Behind This Is Kutcher’s Disease

Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon have unexpectedly become a meme. Photos of the actors taken at the premiere of their new film, Your Place or Mine, have taken the Internet by storm. The online discussion got to the point where Reese and Ashton were suspected of secretly hating each other. But the “awkward” pictures have a very real reason behind them. For over two years now, Kutcher has been battling an incurable disease.