18 People Who Turned Their Scars and Birthmarks Into Works of Art

Some people feel uncomfortable in their own bodies because of scars and birthmarks. Tattoos can help change this attitude by transforming these features with more deliberate forms of self-expression. If scars are associated with negative experiences, body art can become a symbol of renewal, allowing a person to reframe their past, accept it, and start anew.

Post-surgery scar before and after a tattoo procedure at tattoo artist Ngoc Like’s studio in Hanoi, Vietnam


«Scar cover-up.»

«Scar cover-up at double cross tattoo.»

«Sunflower tattooed around my birthmark.»

«Surgery scar tattoo.»

“My ’little leaf’ birthmark is now a leaf tattoo.”

«Safety pin over my surgery scar.»

«Fish bone on scar.»

«Froggy scar cover up.»

“5 months healed. Got in memory of my father and it helps cover a nasty scar I have.”

«Morning glory to distract from scar.»

«Tattoo scar cover up.»

“I thought it poetic that she used it to cover a scar.”

«Just got a lightsaber tattoo to add to an old scar.»

“Scar cover up tattoo.”

«Ants coming from scar.»

«Simple tat on an old scar.»

“Scar butterfly.”

Preview photo credit MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/East News
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