20+ Mind-Bending Buildings That Are Worth Looking at, Even If You’re Not a Fan of Architecture

As time goes by, designers and architects are getting more and more creative and bold with experiments. Gurus of modern architecture can give us more than just beautiful, functional houses. Buildings nowadays can make faces, melt, dance, and play music — and the list of their “talents” seems to have no end.

1. This house in Paris, France looks like it’s melting. It’s actually a monument.

2. This hotel in Amsterdam, which is in the Netherlands, looks like dozens of little cottages that were merged together.

3. An architectural monument in Portugal that uses 2 giant boulders as its walls and ceiling

4. This upside-down house in Brighton, in the UK, is a museum of illusions.

5. This building in Prague, in the Czech Republic, is called the Dancing House.

6. This wavy building is part of a shopping center in Sopot, Poland.

7. Cube houses in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands

8. An extremely skinny block of flats in London, in the UK

9. The fascinating Keep Memory Alive Event Center in Las Vegas, in the US

10. It looks like this building in Tel Aviv, Israel combines all geometric shapes.

11. This skyscraper in New York (in the US) looks like a big Jenga game.

12. A building in Batumi, Georgia that looks like it has a face

13. This landmark building in Birmingham, in the UK, is part of a shopping center, and it looks like it’s covered in bubble wrap.

14. This building seems to be flat because of the photo angle.

In fact, it has a triangle shape.

15. This house in Dresden, Germany “plays music” when it rains thanks to its unusual drain system.

16. The Athenaeum Hotel in London, in the UK, is partially covered in plants.

17. A skinny building in Amsterdam

19. Gatehouse with an arched porte-cochère overlooking the ocean, Rhode Island

20. Pink townhouse in New Orleans

21. Hans & Gretel pancake house in Netherlands

BONUS: This house in Paris, France looks like it’s sinking into the ground, but there’s a little secret. Can you guess what it is?

It’s all about the photo angle. The house is located on Montmartre Hill, and many people use it to take photos with this unusual perspective. Here’s what this house looks like if you take a picture of it at a normal angle.

Preview photo credit I_am_person6969 / Reddit
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