20+ People Who Had Their Scars Turned Into Works of Art by Tattoo Artists

Tattoos have long been part of modern-day culture. But not everyone gets them just as part of a fashion trend. Sometimes people want to hide something on their skin with the help of body art. For example, scars after injuries or operations, burns, or birthmarks.

“Scar cover-up done by me.”

“Addition to scar”

“Multiple scar cover-ups on the back of the thigh”

By the way, tattoos can cover up not only scars and birthmarks, but also other unsuccessful tattoos.

“Scar cover-up tattoo for a lovely lady’s first tattoo”

“My scar still shines through the cover-up tattoo. Weirded me out”

“Scar cover-up made by me.”

Not all tattoo artists are experienced craftsmen, and their work often has to be fixed by professionals.


“How to integrate a mole with a tattoo”

Some people get funny tattoos on purpose to amuse those around them.

“I got my scar tattoo!”

“Got tired of seeing my ugly scar, so I covered it up!”

“Wound scar cover-up, nicely done. Confidence restored”

“Goldfish (birthmark) in a plastic bag. I came in with a fishbowl idea, but she suggested a bag and it instantly clicked to me.”

Tattoos have a real healing power

“Finally done something with my scar”

“Scar cover-up made by me.”

“My elbow surgery scar plus tattoo”

“Lotus mandala scar cover-up”

“Bee blossom scar cover-up”

“Arrival human logogram around my birth mark”

Generally, it’s not uncommon for people to get a tattoo after a life-changing event.

“Finally did something creative with my knee replacement scar”

A surgery scar before and after a tattoo session in the studio of tattoo artist Ngoc Like in Hanoi, Vietnam


Here’s a few more cases where scars were cleverly disguised with tattoos.

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