19 Tattoos That People Got After Their Lives Changed Irrevocably

An interesting fact about tattoos is that they can help a person boost their immune system and even reduce stress levels. But, of course, people don’t get them for that reason at all. Some get a tattoo just because they like the way it looks, while others choose designs that have a special meaning.

“Finally got the tattoo to cover up my metastatic melanoma scars. Done at The Aloha Monkey in Burnsville, MN by Matt Zirbes”

“Bit cliché but ‘I am greater than my highs and my lows’ tattoo I got today as a reminder to myself.”

“My wife and I got matching tattoos yesterday for the 4th anniversary of our youngest son’s passing.”

“Shows the colors of the 5 family birthstones in order, split by our son’s EKG from the hour he left. The bird flying away leaves four leads behind.”

“A tattoo to remember the people that got me through some seriously hard times.”

“Three years ago I met my half-sisters for the first time. Four days ago we got matching tattoos. I have a family.”

“Phoenix tattoo to cover up heart surgery scar”

“Tribute to my firstborn, baby I lost, infertility journey, and my rainbow baby. So much meaning in this! So thrilled with the outcome”

“This scar used to bring me so much shame. As of a few days ago and a wonderful, compassionate tattoo artist, I no longer feel this way.”

“Looking at my skin now, I see a painful experience I overcame, and my shame is outshone by strength and hope.”

“First tattoo, my daughter’s heartbeat and her name in Armenian”

“Got matching tattoos with my best friend”

“My new tattoo to remember my son. Born October 8, passed on the 9th”

“Thought you might like this. My brother and I made a tattoo to celebrate our childhood.”

“My youngest got a tattoo of the note that I left her.”

“I have recovered from depression and anxiety after 6 long years and I got a tattoo, my first ever, to commemorate it.”

“Tattoo I got on my arm of my family portrait. Including my two brothers who recently passed”

“My parents got matching tattoos of their fingerprints”

“Lost my first pet, my little prince Moo Moo, and got my first tattoo to remember him forever”

“Got a tattoo of my little man up in heaven. He held my pinky in one of his last moments on earth and I cherish that moment with every ounce of me. Evan Keanu, I love you.”

“Today I had my first tattoo in memory of my amazing dad.”

How do you feel about using tattoos to capture moments in your life? Do you have one of your own?

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