20 Tattoos That Breathed New Life Into Old Scars

All bodies are beautiful, and there’s no contesting that. Sometimes, however, scars or burns can make people lose confidence. That’s when a tattoo can work wonders: thanks to this kind of body art, you can once again admire and proudly show off your body, instead of hiding under layers of clothing.

Here at CHEERY, we were astounded upon looking at the tattoos that have given people a new lease on life.

Not only did this tattoo allow the scar to blossom after surgery, but it’s also imbued with personal meaning

“My mom always had artwork and figurines with a cat around while growing up; so she represents that time frame of my life. And she took on even more meaning because when I got it done, my grandma’s cat (that I’ve been caring for since her passing) took a turn for the worse as I first started healing. So it’s also taken on the representation of the best, most loyal, protective cat I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Also, the flowers on her crown represent my home street & my grandma.”

“Dog skull tattoo framing my dog bite scar”

Looking at this enchanting flower, it’s hard to imagine that scars hide underneath.

“There’s a chance the scar could fade more, which is why he designed it so it could be filled in if the scar disappeared over time.”

“My scar tattoo glows under black light.”

Another scar that seems to have blossomed:

“I expected the pain to be crazy, but it wasn’t bad at all.”

“Finally got to do something creative with my ugly shoulder scar.”

Pokémon rushing to the rescue, even in the event of scar cover-ups.

“My feminine & colorful half sleeve scar cover-up”

“I realized recently no one will ever see the scar I had again, which to me, is a huge deal for my confidence.”

Sometimes, scars can engage one’s creativity to the max.

Scar cover-up

Another set of flowers makes scars under them invisible.

And here, the body art looks so natural, it’s almost as if she was born with it.

“Using my scar as a branch for a bat.”

“A friend had some pretty bad scarring after pregnancy complications.”

“I incorporated my birthmark into a tattoo.”

A substantial scar suddenly turns into something gently beautiful.

“Top surgery scar tattoo cover-up”

Scars covered with plasters — logical and creative.

How do you feel about tattoos? Have you ever seen one that you can’t forget?

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