19 Tattoos That Were Downright Terrible Because Actual Professionals Got Down to Business

Before a tattoo, artists usually warn the customer that the drawing is permanent, and you need to be sure you want it. But how can you not want to get a cute tattoo or a favorite quote tattooed on your skin? Years later, a tattoo might seem to be a mistake. Especially when it was done poorly, or it’s outdated now. Of course, you can always get rid of it, but there’s another option — get another artist to reimagine the tattoo.

The CHEERY team found 19 example of old tattoos that people used to hide from others, and now they are proud of them.

“Portrait of my cat instead of tiger.”

“Beginning of my ‘When I was 17 I got this’ tattoo cover-up.”

“The first one was done by a professional shop.”

“Cover-up is done.”

“Gave my client a beautiful rose to cover-up a bad relationship tattoo and scars. Really love that I can help people move on from bad reminders of the past!”

“The original was done by a good friend, so I didn’t want a full cover-up. I think the new artist did a great job! Satisfying.”

“From full color to solid black, it can be covered if you do it right.”

“Just finished my second session on my phoenix cover-up.”

“Before and after.”

“Back cover-up. I think it took about 10 hours.”

“Summer tattoo. Before and After.”

“Pineapple tattoo. Can you see the cover-up?”

“The start of my chest piece. This was the cover-up part.”

«So pretty!»

“My ‘before and after’. This is the beginning of what I’m planning to be a ‘Divine Horrors’ sleeve.”

“Cover-up before and after.”

“Cover-up of a terrible 20-year-old mistake.”

“So I got the avocado tattoo a while ago, and I hated it! Still hate it, which is why I decided to get a cover-up.”

Have you ever needed to get a bad tattoo fixed? Show us what they were like before and after!

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