19 Women Who Have Decided There’s No Such Thing as Excess Body Hair, and You Can’t Argue With That

For generations, it has been considered taboo for a woman to appear in public with body hair. But times are changing, and so are the beauty standards, habits, and basics of grooming. Although fighting prejudice and unspoken rules requires a certain amount of courage, more and more girls today, including public figures, are bravely refusing to remove their body hair. And they seem to feel even more comfortable and confident than before.

1. “I stopped shaving my legs during 4 years ago and never did it again.”

2. Actress Martina Cariddi from the series Elite shows off her body hair in glamorous photo shoots, and in her daily life.

In fact, Cariddi is not the only celebrity who isn’t ashamed of showing off her body hair and teaches women to accept and love themselves as nature intended.

3. “I dyed my leg hair blonde.. lovin the fuzziness!”

4. Some girls also have to deal with facial hair, but they don’t consider this to be a problem.

If you’re still uncomfortable with, or insecure about, facial hair, here are some natural remedies to help prevent unwanted hair in those areas.

5. “I can’t believe I used to wax every week.”

6. “Went out in public in a skirt for the first time since I stopped shaving my legs. It was a little scary but exhilarating. No one noticed to my knowledge!”

7. Some girls see their body hair as a chance to get creative.

8. “Soft and cuddly bumble bee legs.”

9. Following the lead of ordinary women, more and more celebrities are also giving up shaving and other body hair removal methods.

Looking at these photos, there’s no doubt that many girls really do feel more comfortable after giving up regular shaving.

10. “Not the best pic but I loved subtly showing off my hairy legs this Christmas.”

11. “Fun fact, I have more leg hair than my brother on the left side of the photo!”

12. Even internationally renowned brands are encouraging girls to not be ashamed of the body hair that’s natural to all of us.

13. “Got a pedicure with hairy legs for the first time.”

14. Ashley Graham also reminds us that it’s possible to feel confident and attractive with body hair.

Here are some more famous women who don’t let society impose beauty standards on them when it comes to body hair.

15. “Been razor free for 3 years and loving it.”

16. “Earth Day Clean-up!”

17. Italian diva Sophia Loren felt comfortable and confident with body hair.

18. “Fuzz galore! Still waiting for it to all grow out.”

Check out the story of an artist who gave up shaving once and for all and became an inspiration to women all over the world. It’s a great reminder that it is possible to be in harmony with your own body no matter how much hair it has.

19. Singer Caroline Polachek doesn’t hide her body hair on stage, the red carpet, or behind the scenes.

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