How Milla Jovovich, at 47, Manages to Look Great Even After a Sleepless Night With the Baby

One day, fans just bombarded Milla Jovovich with questions about her skincare routine. The actress wrote up and post several messages on her Instagram page on this subject. “My career as an actress and a model has spanned literally 33 years, making skincare a major priority for me,” the star admitted.

She periodically tells her followers about how she manages to stay in shape, posting photos from her long walks and explaining why she never sleeps on her stomach.

The actress tries not to eat fried foods

Milla often cooks at home and avoids “ultra-processed food.” She admits that she loves cheeseburgers and fries, but limits herself to having them no more than once a month. According to the actress, any oil heated above a certain level becomes toxic and causes inflammation.

It causes your healthy cells to turn into ‘zombie cells’ (and I know a lot about zombies). These sick Zombie cells literally latch on to healthy cells and turn them into zombie cells as well. And the chain reaction continues, the more deep fried food you eat,” says Milla.

She drinks a lot of water and smoothies

The star believes it’s important to drink plenty of fluids and have a good vitamin intake in order to stay beautiful. “Nothing better than all those leafy green veggies and fruits mixed together to give your complexion (and your brain and body) the boost it’s craving,” Milla once wrote on her Instagram page.

The actress even shares healthy breakfast recipes with her followers. For example, to make one of her favorite smoothies, you can combine three types of berries, spinach, kale, and non-fat Greek yoghurt. And to top it off, add a cup of oatmeal and two teaspoons of agave nectar for sweetness.

Milla gets her “beauty rest”

According to the actress, getting a good night’s sleep is what helps her deal with her hectic schedule. After all, there are three children in her family. The star is also constantly busy with film shoots, too, constantly working on new projects and appearing on the red carpet at various events.

Her husband often helped her to get enough sleep during the difficult days after childbirth when many mothers would be constantly getting up at night. Milla thanked him for this on her Instagram, and expressed her gratitude for not being deprived of her much-needed “beauty rest.”

She wears very comfortable clothes and sunglasses

For a flight, the actress often chooses to wear something simple, such as sweatpants and a T-shirt. This way, she can relax on the flight as much as possible, and not worry about looking exhausted when she lands.

Also, Milla takes care of her skin and doesn’t put on makeup before boarding the plane. The only thing she does is apply a special jelly mask around her eyes. After landing, she simply puts on her sunglasses, disguising the fact that she’s not wearing makeup. And if the star doesn’t have time to sleep after the flight, she quickly rejuvenates with the help of a hot bath and moisturizing masks.

The actress rarely wears makeup in her daily life

PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA / AFP / East News, © millajovovich / Instagram

Milla says she looks her best when she looks like herself — without a ton of makeup on her face. She says she’s always followed the style of European girls who don’t like to wear makeup and think that the less of it you wear, the better.

The actress looks great without makeup thanks to her healthy skin and fashionable haircut. She has always paid special attention to her hair and tends to plan her visits to a stylist months in advance. Milla loves getting different haircuts because it gives her a chance to see herself in a new light.

She often uses cosmetic serums and oils

The actress says that serums with vitamins B, C, and E work best for her. She notes that these are all powerful antioxidants which protect the skin from impurities. She also recommends using peptide serums. “They’re like the building blocks, they repair and strengthen. They actually signal to your skin ’hey, we need some work done over here,’” says Milla.

The star often uses oils instead of a moisturizer. They are absorbed by the skin and help retain all the serums applied earlier. The actress uses the oil which most successfully combats redness on her skin.

Milla warns against over-using cleansers

Milla used to use an expensive foaming product for years, which resulted in tiny bumps on her skin. The star tried in vain to get rid of them and one doctor even advised her to start taking antibiotics.

In the end, it turned out to be a natural reaction to the frequent use of a cleanser that broke down the lipid layer of her skin. “My skin was over-producing sebum because I was cleansing too much,” Milla revealed. She then started using rosehip oil, which doesn’t clog pores, and a pH-balanced toner as part of her morning routine.

The actress believes that skin needs a “workout”

She uses special massagers that work out facial muscles, tightening and toning the skin. Milla admits that thanks to these devices, she feels that she looks better today than she did 10 years ago. She doesn’t forget about professional facial treatments, either, but sometimes she just doesn’t have the time for a visit to a salon.

According to the star, another essential item is an infrared mask. It stimulates collagen production, rejuvenates the skin, and helps Milla combat facial redness.

The star never sleeps on her stomach

Before the age of 30, the actress still allowed herself to sleep in any position. But she later realized that her face didn’t always look as good after a night of sleeping on her stomach.

Milla had to literally re-train herself to kick this habit. “I don’t want all my amazing products to end up on my pillow, and hello gravity! When you sleep on your stomach, you end up looking like a melted candle in the morning because all the fluids drain up into your face,” she explained.

She likes going on long walks

It’s not a challenge for Milla to walk 14,000 steps earlier in the day and then take her child to a sports club in the evening, racking up some extra steps to add to her daily total. She often goes for a walk in nature and then tells her followers about her achievements.

The actress continued to walk 5-6 miles a day even during her pregnancy and said that it’s these walks that help her stay in shape.

Milla regularly does active sports

The actress believes that regular exercise is also part of her skin care routine, as it promotes healthy blood circulation. She has been practicing martial arts for over 10 years and has even gotten her eldest daughter, Ever, into boxing.

Milla also enjoys jumping on a trampoline and sometimes broadcasts her workouts live to share the energy and positivity with her followers.

Sometimes, though, she lets herself relax

Milla sees nothing wrong with treating herself once in a while. She once posted a photo of a pastry on her page, and confessed: “My healthy pregnancy lifestyle choices had to be thrown out the window for this hot glazed donut ice cream sandwich!”

And once, she and her husband went to visit his relatives and stopped by the bakery, where they bought as many as 24 pasties. “They put them in a box and I FaceTimed my trainer, who couldn’t believe what he was seeing,” said the actress.

Do you have your own “beauty rules?” What helps you stay in shape?

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