20+ People With the Most Chaotic Partners On the Internet

After some time in a serious relationship with someone, we may feel as if we know them like the back of our hand: their hobbies, wacky habits, weaknesses, and flaws. But sometimes, they find new and incredible ways to amaze us, making us suppress a chuckle or roll our eyes. And it’s definitely a great talent, because life around such people will never be boring.

1. “My wife’s choice of ’artwork’ in our living room.”

2. “My husband got too close to me with a drill!”

Looks like someone will need a new haircut. By the way, it’s not just inattentive husbands with drills who can sometimes make a mess of your hair, but also people who are supposed to be professionals.

3. “This is what my girlfriend will be waking up to in the morning.”

4. “Broke my little finger and sent my wife a picture. Got this back.”

This kind of partner should be truly cherished, as we’ve seen many times that a sense of humor is one of the keys to a strong and harmonious relationship.

5. “My husband ’helped’ by hanging the last picture on the left.”

6. “Wife tried to shred a metal card.”

7. “My pizza on the left, my husband’s... single cell organism on the right.”

In fact, this photo illustrates the concept of “compromise,” which helps people find solutions to all kinds of problems and dilemmas.

8. “Wife bought a hat that I can only describe as Dumb and Dumber Sherlock Holmes.”

9. “These weird caterpillars only ever appear after a night out with my girlfriend.”

10. “My husband plays this game he calls ’king of the cats’ where he tries to hold all 3 of our boys at once... today he was successful.”

11. “Is my wife the only one?”

12. “My wife has had this photo frame hanging on the wall for too long without any pictures in it. Tonight, after she went to sleep, I decided to take this matter into my own hands...”

13. “My husband refuses to learn how to cook so he made himself boiled eggs and naan bread for dinner.”

If you don’t get on with cooking either, it won’t hurt to pick up a few kitchen lifehacks that will make an otherwise dreaded chore a lot easier.

14. “After telling my wife about the penny trick to tell how much tread is left, I asked her to send me a picture of it, and she sent me this.”

15. “Husband tried to cut a hole for a light and forgot to check where the rafters are.”

All of us can sometimes mess up seemingly simple tasks, so the other half should be forgiving of these mistakes! At least the person took the initiative.

16. “I asked my wife to combine two open bags of chips.”

17. “My partner helped me perfect my drawing.”

18. “My wife leaves me notes in the morning. I hope this one’s not finished.”

19. “I’ve never been a cake person, so yesterday my partner surprised me with birthday dumplings.”

20. “Asked wife to bring me a hairdryer at hospital... Laptop mouse for scale.”

21. “My husband’s cookie cake I got him after a successful colonoscopy.”

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