18 Photos That Show the True Magic of the Word “Compromise”

Being able to find a way out of any situation is a useful talent. It helps us find compromises with our loved ones, come up with solutions that are difficult to refute, and sometimes it simply makes our lives easier. The protagonists in today’s compilation are clearly endowed with this gift, and some of their solutions are so ingenious and creative that you just want to make a note of them.

1. “My daughter wanted coffee, but she’s 12, so we compromised.”

2. “My wife and I love to take showers together. Until we can have the shower we’d like, I’ve come up with a practical solution for about $75!”

3. “Grandma got an Apple watch but is still insistent on sporting the Rolex.”

4. “I hate having to write up my employees right before the holiday, so I compromised, and she has to wear this for the rest of the afternoon.”

5. “Target didn’t have a 55 card for my dad’s birthday, so I had to compromise.”

6. “The bright blue light from the fan keeps me up at night. Wife suggested an eye mask.”

7. “My friend’s work has an unorthodox solution for utensils going missing.”

8. “New bathroom. Money ran out before the shower curtain purchase. This is the compromise.”

9. “My brother in law’s dog gets jealous when they take monthly pictures of their new baby. So they found a solution.”

10. “VR headset weight balance fix”

11. “Just out here living the dream”

12. “My mom wanted Swiss rolls, we wanted to get her a cake. We compromised.”

13. “Overheard my wife grumbling about how the doorknob only works if you turn it left. Instead of fixing it, I printed some stickers. She approves.”

14. “Wife said I can’t buy more plants because there isn’t any room. Check and mate”

15. “I ran out of wrapping paper for one last little gift, but I have a printer and paper so...”

16. “My friend’s cat hates the cone, so a compromise was made.”

17. “I unintentionally ripped this toilet paper in a way that may offer a compromise to the internet’s most heated debate.”

18. “The secret to a successful marriage (30+ years) with a shared bathroom”

Do you easily find your way out of situations that require flexibility or resourcefulness?

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