19 People Prove That Humor Makes Family Life So Much More Fun

Living together with your partner can be a boring routine because we all have habits that can be extremely irritating to others. But these things are easier to bear if your partner has a good sense of humor.

1. “My husband says he has never had any desire to cheat. I mean it’s comforting to hear, but his shoe rotation already told me that.”

2. “While my wife was away, I had to keep sending hot photos to remind her what she’s got at home.”

3. “My wife tends to gather her hair and stick it to the wall in the shower, so it doesn’t go down the drain... So, I had a little fun today and framed it.”

4. “My partner named the spider plant.”

5. “My wife went to the flea market and brought home a wall decoration for the bathroom.”

6. Be careful what you wish for

7. “My husband got me the traditional gift of ivory for our 14th wedding anniversary.”

8. “My wife got me an engraved watch band. A little ominous”

9. “I was running late, so I let my wife know I didn’t have time to make breakfast.”

10. “Wife said, ‘Let’s paint-with-numbers tonight!’ What is this insanity right here?”

11. “Photos I take of my boyfriend vs photos he takes of me”

12. “I hide a Waldo around to spook my wife as a prank. We just got a baby monitor.”

13. “My wife made dinner for a family tonight. After asking if they had any allergies, the husband said, ‘bees.’”

14. “Forgot the candles”

15. “I think my wife really wants me to take pool league more seriously.”

16. “My husband will NEVER guess what I got him for Christmas.”

17. “My wife bought a mirror sticker for the garage gym. Looks great!”

18. “My wife had to use a pair of pliers to turn on the hot water of our 70s-era tub. We were trying to limp along until our full kitchen and bath remodel.”

“It’s finally done! This is one of my Christmas presents to her this year.”

19. “Not even a day after our dog had a mass removal, I ended up having an emergency appendectomy. Wife is taking care of both of us.”

When was the last time your partner made you laugh hysterically?

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