18 People Who Could Write Entire Books About Their School Days

During our school years, we might find attending classes and learning new things tedious. Luckily, some teachers go beyond their basic responsibilities and use their charisma and creativity to make an everlasting impression on their students. So much so that many students have even dedicated posts to show their appreciation.

1. “My physics teacher decided to hatch some eggs. I now present to you, Maple, the chick!”

2. “My brother’s teacher told the class to take a picture of the lunar eclipse for extra credit.”

By the way, sometimes even non-relatives can become siblings.

3. “Teacher going above and beyond for their students”

4. “The woodshop teacher ran out of sticky notes, so he sent my student to class with this as a pass.”

5. “My driving teacher had miniature cars to show us situations.”

People love to think outside the box and often share it online.

6. “Forgot my phone in English today. Found this on the camera roll after my teacher returned it.”

Sometimes, though, technology can get people into a lot of trouble.

7. “My teacher gave me 4 dinosaurs after I finished the test today.”

8. “My son’s preschool teachers provide plaques with descriptions of his art.”

Art really can be anything. For example, tattoos.

9. “Teacher asks engineering students to create their own anti-cheating headwear.”

10. Great reward!

11. “I am a kindergarten teacher, and a few weeks ago, we had a ’Dress Like a Book Character Day!’”

12. “My anatomy teacher’s bathroom pass is a human leg bone.”

13. “My orchestra teacher on his birthday today”

And some get real surprises for their birthdays from relatives.

14. “One of my teachers has some guinea pigs, and she let me take care of one.”

15. “My teacher has a backward clock.”

16. “This teacher has one of those diner straw dispenser thingies with pencils in it.”

17. “This keyboard at my college. Teachers don’t let us clean it.”

18. Student’s note to a teacher who just had a personal tragedy

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