Liv Tyler Shared What It’s Like to Raise 4 Kids in a Blended Family. “It’s Like Conducting an Orchestra.”

Liv Tyler is raising 4 kids — Milo, from her first marriage, Grey, her lover’s child from his first marriage, Sailor, and Luna. The more children there are in the family, the harder it is to find balance and keep everyone happy. And if these children have different parents, the job gets even harder. Liv Tyler knows this first-hand. But because of how her own childhood was, she decided she’d do everything for her own family.

Liv Tyler has famous parents: Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and former model Bebe Buell. She described her childhood as “eccentric” and swore that with her own children, she would never prioritize her career. Liv herself started working at the age of 14, but all she really wanted was to have a family and have children.

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The actress got married in 2003 to Royston Langdon, but the couple divorced after 5 years. In this marriage, Liv gave birth to her first son, Milo. A few years later, she met sports agent David Gardner. They announced their engagement in 2015, but Liv is not someone who is afraid of taking a longer road to the altar. They still have not gotten married. Moreover, Tyler doesn’t even want to. She believes that a wedding is more like the end of the road, a reward for a couple for enduring their relationship with each other.

The couple had their difficulties, as Liv and Milo lived in New York while David and his son, Grey, from a previous relationship, lived in London. But the 2 lovers didn’t give up. Over time, they had a son named Sailor and a daughter named Lula. And it was the birth of their daughter that gave the actress so much strength, she felt brave enough to finally move permanently to London.

Liv herself said that she really enjoys the process of pregnancy. It allows her to reach a new level of respect for the human body.

Liv and Dave started living together with their 4 kids. Raising a blended family is not easy at all. Tyler says that in such circumstances, people need to be flexible and understanding, and, of course, give equal attention to everyone. But such an experience will be useful because the children will see that all people are different and learn to respect it. Liv spends a lot of time with her family. She even started to act less at one point because she couldn’t leave Milo.

I didn’t see how I could go away for three months to make a film and be the mother I wanted to be.

But one evening conversation with her then 10-year-old son Milo brought Liv back to film work. The boy said he wanted his mom to have the opportunity to act as much as she wants. And when the actress worried about what would happen to her son, he replied, “I’ll be okay.” Over time, Tyler learned to balance her family and career.

Despite becoming a well-known actress long before having children, Liv only realized the full extent of her strength with the arrival of her family. She enjoys spending time with her children, learning from them, and becoming even stronger because of it.

I feel like I’m conducting a giant orchestra, because there’s so many moving parts.

The celebrity shared a touching story about celebrating Mother’s Day. Her children brought her a cake with the words “We love mommy” on it, and they all sat together in their pajamas. Liv even says she would like to spend every day like that.

And together with her younger children, she made a short film celebrating motherhood. They just played together in front of the camera, but it turned out to be a completely new experience for Liv. It was amazing to realize that Sailor and Lula are not just children, but real little people. And that project helped Liv see it from that perspective.

Liv’s favorite part of the day is the evening, because that’s when she spends time with her children. They all have dinner together, then the older ones have tutors while the younger ones take a bath and go to bed early. And then she can just watch something with Milo and Gray. In London, there are more parks compared to New York, so Tyler tries to take the family on small adventures every weekend.

For Liv, the set is sometimes like a vacation from all the domestic details and concerns. And yet, despite all the difficulties, her children always come first for her.

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