The Story of Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson, Who Showed the World What True Female Friendship Really Is

There is an opinion that celebrity friendships are a rare beast, especially among female celebrities. How many fellow celebrities can be genuinely happy to see each other succeed, and provide a shoulder to lean on in a time of need? Luckily, there’s at least one such example in Hollywood: Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler. They’ve been friends for several decades now, and it seems that to this day, these two actresses never get bored when spending time together.


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Liv calls Kate her sister, which is not surprising, as the women have been around each other since childhood. They were both born into famous families. One is the daughter of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell, the other is the daughter of Hollywood star Goldie Hawn and musician Bill Hudson. From an early age, the women have been in and around the Los Angeles celebrity circles.

Moreover, the future actresses studied together at Crossroads School For Arts & Science. Many famous students graduated from this institution, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jack Black, and Maya Rudolph. The institution was truly elite. Just imagine: Dustin Hoffman and Denzel Washington taught there at different times.

Maybe school trips brought the girls together, or maybe it was the compulsory community work, which was not uncommon at Crossroads School, but what’s certain is that they graduated as loyal friends.


Liv and Kate had one dream in common — to become an actress. Hudson appeared in theatrical productions from the age of 11, and at 19 she made her film debut in Desert Blue. Liv, at first, followed in her mother’s footsteps, going into the modelling business, but she quickly got bored of it, and so also rushed into the world of cinema. Her first major project was the thriller Silent Fall.

At the start of their careers, the two friends even got a chance to work on the same film set. In 2000, both actresses appeared in the romantic comedy Dr. T & the Women. According to the script, their characters had to kiss on-screen. Fun fact: to this day, when Kate Hudson is asked to name her best kiss on camera, she refers to this scene.

Kate’s next film role was also related to Liv. That’s because, when creating the image of her character in Almost Famous, the actress was inspired by a real person — her friend’s mother, model Bebe Buell. Hudson later received an Oscar nomination for this role.

Similar fates

It’s not just their shared childhood and field of work that unites these two women. Their fates are similar to one another, which makes it easy for the actresses to understand each other. For example, they both, in their own time, went through a divorce. Liv, back in 2003, got married to a British musician Royston Langdon, with whom the marriage lasted about five years.

The divorce was very difficult for her. She did, however, have her friend by her side. By then, Hudson had also gotten married and divorced. Her first husband was also a musician, Chris Robinson. Both friends, after getting divorced, were left with young children.

Eventually, years later, each of the friends found their happiness. In 2014, Tyler started a relationship with sports agent David Gardner, with whom she is still happy to this day. Kate found love two years later with musician and actor Danny Fujikawa.

Interestingly, Tyler and Hudson ended up having something else in common: being a mother of many children. Both actresses have three children each.

One big family

Over the years, Kate and Liv have basically become members of one family. They’ve built a touching relationship, not just with each other, but with each other’s parents. Tyler is always ready to go anywhere in the world to support her friend’s mom, actress Goldie Hawn, while Hudson calls Liv’s father, Aerosmith frontman Steven, Dad. She can easily spend a weekend with him as family.

A long-lasting friendship requires attention and care. To this day, the famous friends still spend a lot of time together and have even invented rituals to follow. For example, before every public appearance they have together, they make sure to meet up a few hours beforehand to spend time with each other, chat, get ready, and take some pictures.

Also, Liv and Kate like to congratulate each other on their friendship anniversaries. You have to admit, it’s nice. At work, social events, parties, or just at home, these friends are never bored. Just as they did decades ago, they express their love for each other and show the world that female friendship is, sometimes, the strongest and most stable bond in life.

Why, do you think, there is so much prejudice surrounding female friendships?

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