Thanks to His Mom, Harry Styles Developed a Love for Dressing Up. And His Mother Fiercely Protects His Acting and Style From the Critics

Harry Styles’ creative path began not only thanks to his incredible talent, but also because of his mother’s intuition. She encouraged her son’s participation in The X Factor, which played a decisive role in his career. Anne, a single mother and an ordinary office worker, believed in her son and did not make a mistake. And years later, her grateful son led her to the altar, paid for her honeymoon, and makes fans sing in her honor during concerts.

Harry showed his musical talent at a very young age and sang songs in his grandfather’s karaoke machine since childhood. Despite his parents’ divorce, the singer claims that he had a great childhood. As expected, it was his mother who pushed her musically inclined son to participate in The X Factor competition. Although he didn’t make it far, this opportunity allowed him to team up with other “unfortunate comrades” and form a group. It was Styles who gave the group the name “One Direction.” The decision proved to be correct, and as part of the group, the guys made it to the finals of the competition and gained popularity.

Success did not affect Harry’s relationship with his mother, which has always been very close and trusting. Even while on long concert tours and in different time zones, the singer found time to stay in touch with his mom and called her up to five times a day. Anne jokingly referred to Harry as “mama’s boy.”

“When there’s a time difference, he tends to text saying, ’I love you, Mum,’ or ’I miss you.’ He’s still my little boy... He gives the best hugs ever.”

With such a close relationship, it was clear that Harry could not just attend his mother’s wedding as a guest. Journalists who were present at the celebration noted that the smile never left the singer’s face. He was so happy about his mother’s marriage that he walked her down the aisle and gave a ten-minute speech at the wedding, moving the guests to tears. The icing on the cake was his generous gesture: the son paid £15,000 for her honeymoon in Seychelles. Harry wanted to pay for the entire wedding celebration, but the newlywed spouse intervened and assured him that they could handle it themselves.

Despite the success of the band, Styles made the decision to pursue a solo career and immediately felt freer. Before, he had felt weighed down by the terms of his contracts. The young man shared a touching story about how his mom reacted to his first debut single. According to him, she couldn’t hold back her tears. Valuing her opinion, Harry called it a “good sign.”

Alongside a successful career, the Styles family was faced with a difficult trial. Anne’s father suffered from Parkinson’s disease for many years. According to Anne, her son did a great job of taking care of his grandfather and loved him deeply.

In addition to his talent for songwriting, Harry is admired by his fans for his extravagant style. In 2020, he appeared on the cover of a glossy magazine in a dress, which caused some commentators to express their disapproval. His mother defended him, saying that he was expressing his individuality. It turns out that he also owes his love of dressing up to his mother. In an interview, Anne admitted, “I think maybe I had something to do with it because I was always a big fan of doing fancy dress with [Harry and his sister Gemma] when they were smaller, which Gemma hated, but Harry always embraced. Who doesn’t love playing dress-up?”

These mother-son relationships cannot help but be admired by the public. Harry unequivocally praised his mother in a post with the caption, “Sometimes the king is a woman.” On social media, fans create videos of Harry’s gentlemanly behavior towards his mother at concerts, which immediately go viral. For example, in 2021, Harry asked the crowd of fans to sing a birthday greeting to Anne. The audience became emotional and willingly sang the recognizable melody.

In turn, Anne publicly supports her son’s creative impulses in his acting career. When there were critical remarks about Harry’s and his ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde’s latest movie Don’t Worry Darling, his mother boldly responded, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” It’s hard not to agree with her.

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