After a Miscarriage, Jessie J Got Pregnant Again and Started Eating Meat After Being a Vegan for 5 Years

Jessy J realized she wanted to have kids when she was 25. Almost 10 years later, motherhood is finally knocking on her door. We’re going to tell you how the singer navigated a difficult path to her dream, what helped her in her fight with infertility, and what unusual things she encountered during her pregnancy.

She couldn’t get pregnant due to endometriosis.

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In 2014, doctors told Jessie J that she was infertile. The singer was struck to the heart by this news, because she really wanted to have children. Due to endometriosis, the star revised her lifestyle, and in 2018 she even changed her diet. Jessie knew that a child would definitely come into her life, no matter what it cost her: “Naturally, with the help of a surrogate, IVF, adoption — I am open to all options. I can feel the maternal energy in me.”

She lost a baby at an early stage.

The long-awaited pregnancy took some time, but it happened. Jessie J was over the moon. The singer did not hide the happy news from her subscribers, but then a terrible thing happened. The star had learned before that it was important to listen to her body after suffering a stroke when she was 18 years old. So this time, when Jessie woke up and felt that something was wrong, she knew she needed to take action. Later that day, she went for an ultrasound. Her fears were confirmed — the singer had a miscarriage.

Almost on the same day, the celebrity shared the sad news with the world. Jessie later admitted that she did it on the fly. There just wasn’t a mom or sister around to share the pain of her loss. The star had never felt so alone as she did after the miscarriage.

Before that, the singer-songwriter had imagined herself as a single mother, but after what happened, she realized that she didn’t want to go through all that without a partner: “After everything that happened, I know for sure that I have to find someone who wants it as much as I do.”

She decided to have a baby with her first true love.

She soon found the man who would share her struggles and dreams: 38-year-old Chanan Safir Colman. He is a professional basketball player and plays for Israeli club “Hapoel Haifa.” The couple started dating back in April 2022, but the lovers prefer not to talk a lot about their relationship.

The singer made it clear that there’s something serious between them in an interview. When she was asked how many times she had been in love, she said that it had now happened to her for the first time.

She announced her pregnancy at the start of the year.

On January 6, 2023, news of her pregnancy appeared on Jessie’s Instagram. This time, the singer did not immediately announce her pregnancy. In a short video, which she posted on her page, she documented her first trimester — from the positive pregnancy test to the first scan in the clinic.

She started eating meat again during her pregnancy.

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During her pregnancy, Jessie J. unexpectedly couldn’t resist the taste of meat. The singer had been a vegan for a long time. The star turned to a plant-based diet plan because of her endometriosis. This problem not only prevented her from getting pregnant, but was also the cause of chronic pain. According to the star, a diet without animal products helped her to cope with the pain.

But pregnancy has inspired Jessie to make adjustments to her diet. The performer shared a photo of a meal with meat with her followers and captioned it as follows: “Most of the time I’m vegan, but there are exceptions. I just give my body what it wants.”

She’s officially expecting a boy.

Jesse J announced the gender of the future baby in her own way. She shared a short clip with a song she wrote during her pregnancy. In the post, she said she was expecting a baby. For both Jesse and Chanan, it will be their first child.

She is performing on stage at later stages of her pregnancy and is not even thinking of taking a break from her career.

Even though the artist is due very soon, Jessie J is in no hurry to leave the stage. In the last days of February, the performer rocked 2 concerts in London, showing the world her rounded belly in a fashionable outfit.

The star is not going to take a break from her career. Instead, she will shoot a documentary. In it, Jessie will talk about her journey to motherhood, health problems, memories from her previous relationships, and her return to the music business.

She’s anxious like any future mom.

Jessie J. admits that her emotional state is like a roller coaster. The singer couldn’t even hold back tears while assembling the stroller. “Happy, scared, can’t believe it, excited, what if I can’t do it, he will be so small, I’m gonna love him so much.”

Although the singer has not stated her estimated date of delivery, apparently the wait is not long. You can pass the time by reading another article about how celebrities faced infertility but did not give up and spoke publicly about their experiences.

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