Daring Rapper Cardi B Has No Regrets About Getting Her Son’s Name Tattooed on Her Face and Thinks Moms-to-Be Need No Advice

Rapper Cardi B is known for her vivid performances and apt remarks. She speaks candidly on many topics from her life, including the challenges she faces as a mother. Cardi does her best to make sure she is the best possible influence on her kids, and believes that moms don’t need advice or tips from books at all.

People worried that having kids would slow down Cardi B’s career

Cardi B has two children. She gave birth to daughter Kulture in 2018 and son Wave in 2021. The father of both her children is rapper Offset. Those around her were worried about how Cardi’s career would pan out after having kids. When she found out about her first pregnancy, she hadn’t even released her debut album yet. The singer herself wasn’t worried, as she was confident that she could hire a nanny for her daughter and simply take the child with her on tours.

Cardi speaks frankly about her difficulties

Life after having a baby was not what Cardi had expected. The rapper thought she was safe from postpartum depression and, at first, felt perfectly fine. But then she suddenly felt the weight of the world on her shoulders. Other celebrities also shared honest stories about their motherhood experiences.

Cardi had hoped to recover from childbirth in six weeks and go straight on tour. But she eventually realised that she was not physically ready for big shows. Having a baby also changed her appearance. Cardi said her eyes were puffy and she looked pale.

She doesn’t like to delegate the care of her kids to others

After the birth of her daughter, Cardi faced another difficulty. She wasn’t ready to separate from her. She feared that if she were away from Kulture for too long, her daughter would forget her. Cardi wanted to always be there to comfort her crying child.

Cardi decided not to hire a nanny for her daughter. Her husband and mother helped her with the baby. But at the same time, the singer said that it was selfish to always involve grandparents in the care of their grandchildren. In her opinion, they’ve already raised their own kids, but now they’re older and lack the energy. “I’m never far from my kids because that’s my responsibility as a mother,” says Cardi B.

Cardi wants to be a strict mom

Cardi has said that she plans to be strict in bringing up her children. It’s an idea she picked up from her own mom. According to the rapper, her life might have been very different if her mother hadn’t established the rules. She understands that her daughter might not like this approach, but as she gets older, she’ll appreciate it. Singer Pink has also decided to rely on discipline thanks to her father’s influence.

Cardi has already enrolled her daughter in various classes, including swimming and dancing. The rapper herself can’t swim, so she hopes Kulture will acquire the skill. “I want her to be smarter than me—just be the better version of me,” the performer explained. Cardi has no intention of letting her kids get used to privilege, or think that everything will come easy to them thanks to their parents. Even though her children come from a wealthy family, Cardi wants to explain to them the importance of their own work.

Rapper has dedicated tattoos to her children

Cardi has tattoos with her daughter’s and son’s names on her arm and face. Her husband also has a tattoo of his daughter’s name on his face. Such a place for a tattoo might seem unusual. Cardi herself thought about getting it for months before taking the plunge. She has no regrets about it, and posted a snapshot from her photo shoot for a McDonald’s advert with the caption: “I love my face tatt.”

She protects her kids from haters

Cardi has set up a separate Instagram account for her daughter. But the photos of the girl sparked a reaction from some users that the mother wasn’t expecting. At one point, haters started leaving offensive comments about Kulture. Because of this, Cardi had to make her daughter’s page private.

This incident influenced the rapper and her husband’s attitude towards publicity. That’s why they were in no hurry to show their son to the world. “We want to protect our feelings, because we get very, very angry and upset,” Cardi explained.

Cardi accepted her husband’s children as her own

Cardi’s husband has three children from previous relationships. She only met his kids after the two were already married and hoped that they would love her. And so they did. Offset noted that Cardi B treats his children the same way she treats her own. According to the performer, when people get into relationships with those who already have kids, they should embrace it. “I love our family, and I wouldn’t want it any other way,” the star admitted.

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She thinks advice isn’t helpful when preparing for motherhood

According to Cardi B, it doesn’t matter how many books on parenthood a mom-to-be reads. All you need to know is that things will change when the baby arrives, and it won’t be easy. When the rapper was asked to give advice to Rihanna, who was expecting her firstborn at the time, Cardi said that motherhood comes naturally. Many people can give different advice, but once the baby’s born, your own maternal instinct will kick in.

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