Pink Calls Herself a Tough Mom and Jokes That There Should Be More Locks in the House

The 3-time Grammy winner and the “Most Beautiful” star of 2018 is also a mother of two. In interviews, the singer often talks about her family and shares her secrets of parenting, which she manages to combine with a brilliant career. We wanted to find out more about how she’s able to do it all, and maybe even learn a thing or two from her.

Considers herself a tough mom

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The singer attributes this to the fact that she herself grew up in an environment of strictness and discipline. The future star’s father was a former military man who was used to this kind of order and tried to instill it in his daughter. His efforts were not in vain, as Pink appreciated these qualities and began to apply them to her own parenting style as well.

She believes that if children want something, they have to earn it. For example, when her daughter Willow wanted to attend a movie premiere, Pink replied that first she had to make the bed, feed the dog, and remember to be nice to her mom.

Always tells her children the truth

The star considers honesty to be a very important aspect of communicating with children. For instance, when her daughter was just six years old, she told her about the existence of gender inequality. Pink explained to the little girl that it is important to grow up to be a fair and kind person, but sometimes you need to be able to stand up for yourself and know your rights.

After all, there are many situations where women are treated with prejudice or get paid less than men for the same work.

Doesn’t allow her kids to have their own phone

On one of the shows, Pink stated that she doesn’t allow her 10-year-old daughter, who is in school, to use a mobile phone. Despite Willow’s complaints that all her classmates have their own gadgets, her star mom indifferently replied, “That doesn’t move my needle. I don’t care.”

There’s a light side and a shadow side to technology in general for adults, as well. For kids, I’m not there yet.

Wants her son to grow up to be a sensitive man

Although the celebrity believes she’s a strict parent, she is very sensitive about raising children. She allows her son Jameson to not be afraid of showing his feelings and claims that phrases like “be a man” can be devastating for a little boy.

Pink shared that she herself often succumbs to her emotions and can sometimes burst into tears. Having noticed this, Willow wanted to help her mother and suggested that they share their feelings and worries with each other.

Jokes that there are not enough locks in the house

Like many parents, Pink has had to deal with the funny situation of her children following her around. The singer admitted that sometimes she wants to vent her emotions and hides in the bathroom to cry or talk to herself in the shower. But the curious toddlers would find her there too. Pink once jokingly complained that her house didn’t have enough locks on the doors.

Took the kids with her on tour


In 2018, Pink embarked on a huge tour with her family. To show in more detail what it was like, the singer has released a biographical documentary. In the film, she talks about her life behind the scenes, and how she manages to combine a rock-star career with family life. Even though her daughter and son are growing up in different conditions to most kids, the singer says they’re no different from other children.

Willow loves the Harry Potter books and hopes to one day study at Hogwarts, while Jameson dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Do you relate to Pink’s parenting style?

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