18 Times People Found Mysterious Things and the Internet Helped Them Figure Out What They Were

The Internet is a great place to get answers to seemingly, any questions. You can find the gurus of the World Wide Web on thematic portals debunking myths, giving advice, helping to answer urgent questions, and even identifying an item from a mere photograph, the purpose of which previously would have only been guessed at.

“A foam rubber promo item from the local water authority. What is it for?”

“What is this large vessel I found in the basement of an old hospital?”

“What is this swinging bar under this Dresden train station seat?”

“Metal thing found on the trail — no luck with Google Lens”

  • “Looks to me like one of those dog poop bag holders. Clip the leash through the hole, then you can use the two ‘arms’ to hold a bag full of dog poop.” © heeeeeeeeeresjohnny / Reddit

“Does anyone know what this little tag inside of some shoes is for?”

  • “They use it to tie pairs of shoes together with an elastic string so they don’t get mixed up.” © hit_snooze_x8 / Reddit

“Plastic trinket found in a corporate swag bag. Has a hole just big enough for a fingertip, and two nubs looking like clips to something”

“What is this strange shovel? Found it at a liquidation store”

“What are these glass things attached to the ceiling? They’re all over the house by the windows. House was built between 2010-2015.”

  • “They are barriers that block the spray of the fire sprinklers from spraying the adjacent sprinkler. This would prevent the next sprinkler from activating in the event of a fire.” © bubbapop / Reddit

"This Christmas cookie shape has been confounding my boyfriend’s family for over two decades.

“My wife got this for Christmas but was too embarrassed to ask the gifter what it was. Her best guess is a garden tool.”

“What is this oval metal thing in a plastic holder mounted to the kitchen wall next to the sink?”

"What are these heavy metal objects I found in a thrift store?

  • “These are weights to power mechanical cuckoo clocks. One powers the clock mechanism, and the other powers the cuckoo. The weight turns gears in the mechanism as the chain drops. To wind the clock, you pull on the other end of the chain and bring the weight back up, and the same for the chain that powers the cuckoo.” © roberttheaxolotl / Reddit

“Is this a quadruple rainbow or some type of sun dog, or something else?”

  • " With the sun behind you here, it is most likely a fog bow or a sea dog when it is over water." © howardcord / Reddit

“What is this? It’s made like a barrel but looks like a carrier of some kind.”

  • “My guess is that it is a vasculum, a sturdy collection container used by botanists on field excursions in which plant specimens can be collected without damaging them.” © Frog23 / Reddit

“Found this left in the kitchen of a newly-bought house. It’s about the size of a standard home oven rack. We’ve been stumped for years.”

“What is this homemade knitted ‘bag’ with one handle longer than the other? Won in a local raffle”

  • “It’s a Japanese knot bag. The handles are knitted properly — you have to pass the long one through the short one and use only that one to hold it.” © Mameluca / Reddit

“2-inch diameter bronze or brass, spherical box. Very light with no lining”

“What is this green thing that came out from a packet of Haribo gummy bears?”

How many of these items did you know the purpose of before seeing our compilation?

Preview photo credit ManOfDemolition / Reddit
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