After Getting Married, Alexia Chose the Life of a “1950s Housewife,” and She’s Happier Than Ever

Alexia Delarosa lives with her family in San Diego. She became famous on social media after she started posting about her homelife because she prefers to live like a “1950s housewife” — cooking, cleaning, spending time with her children and waiting for her husband to come home for dinner after a full day’s work.

As a child, Alexia felt she didn’t get enough attention from her mother. She said that her mom was combining work with an active social life, so the girl often felt neglected. She decided that when she herself had a family, she would try to raise her children differently.

I remember watching films where the women would stay home to cook and clean for their husbands, and I thought it was a romantic and sweet life. It really resonated with me.

She used to work as a nanny and it often happened that she was the one who was there for the children at special moments, not their parents. Alexia knew that when it came to her own kids, she would not want to miss this magical time. It’s important to her that her children know that their mother is always there to support them.

When she met her future husband, Matthew, the couple had conversations about the kind of family they wanted to build. Their views aligned completely. They got married, and when Alexia became pregnant with her first child, she soon left her job. For a while, she ran her own small baking business from home, but after the birth of her second child, she concentrated entirely on her husband, her two sons, and their home.

Alexia’s husband Matthew runs his own café and works hard. So Alexia tries to do everything she can so that he doesn’t have to do any housework when he returns home. She makes sure he and the children are as comfortable as possible. According to her, her husband likes working full-time and she likes being a housewife. They are both good at what they do and she sees no problem with it.

I have always wanted a more traditional model for my family. I loved the idea of a ’50s style family life, where the wife stays home to look after her husband and kids, and the husband goes out to work full time.

Alexia revealed her daily routine, which she is happy to follow. She wakes up at 5:30am to get ready, wakes the rest of her family an hour later and prepares breakfast for everyone. She likes to make certain things from scratch, like butter and bread. She then spends time with the kids, overseeing their development. Next, she cooks lunch.

While the children are down for their afternoon nap, she does the cleaning, laundry and plans for dinner. Then it’s playtime again, which lasts until 7pm when she tucks the boys in for the night. After that, she cleans the house again so that everything is ready for the morning.

Her lifestyle is not for everyone. Alexia has faced criticism on social media. Some people have pointed out that spending the day with her children and looking after the house is not a real job. They even said that she has “turned back the clock 50 years.”

But Alexia doesn’t let the criticism hurt her. She says that what she does is truly invaluable from a family point of view. But even if you look at it financially, it would be too expensive to pay someone else to do everything that she does herself around the house. In addition, she makes the argument that any woman has the right to choose what she does in life. And she has chosen to live her life that way.

Alexia dedicates herself to her husband, children, and home. And the young woman herself says she couldn’t be happier, or imagine her family any other way. However, she doesn’t try to impose her way of life on others. After all, in the 21st century, everyone has the opportunity to learn from other people’s experiences and make their own choices.

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