A Stand-Up Comedian Joked About How Happy She Is to Be Childless and Sparked a Backlash of Criticism From Outraged Mothers

Is a person that has no children truly happy? Not long ago, stand-up comedian Chelsea Handler posted a video on her social media, where she told funny stories about her child-free life. The video shocked some people. It was discussed by internet users, TV experts, and ordinary people at home. Chelsea touched on a serious subject.

Funny video

Handler’s sketch about what it’s like to be childless went viral on group chats at the speed of light. There, she joked about having lots of free time, being able to sleep until noon, exercise anytime without being disturbed, and even go to Paris for a day if she feels like it, or anywhere else, since she has nothing tying her down at home.

In real life, Chelsea Handler has shared her views on motherhood many times. The 48-year-old woman has never been married and, yes, she does not have children. She believes that the role of a mother is incredibly challenging, and she is not ready to take on that role herself. The comedian calls on society to accept it as normal that some people consciously choose to be child-free, just like actress Renée Zellweger did.

Furthermore, it is precisely these people who need protection in modern society, as they are constantly harassed. According to Chelsea, childless people are often called unsatisfied, unhappy, and treated as if their lives have no meaning. In reality, she says, if a person realizes that they cannot cope with the difficult role of a parent, they should not be shamed but supported. “Oh, it’s great that you know you shouldn’t have a child!”

The criticism

However, some people seemed to have no intention of understanding the comedian’s opinion. Thousands of comments accumulated under the video, where people accused Chelsea of promoting a self-centered lifestyle. Users predicted that she would be lonely in her old age without children.

Haters cited Candace Bushnell, the very woman who inspired the character of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. The series’ character once supported millions of women in their choice not to have children. But today, the one with whom it all began openly stated that she regrets not becoming a mother. Bushnell admitted that she feels truly lonely.

The discussion of whether it is normal in our time to consciously choose a childless life gained momentum. Magazines wrote, “Unfortunately, 2023 is still not the time when society is ready to respect a different choice, not like the majority.” Child-free people still have to justify why they are not parents.

Dolly Parton, Christopher Walken, Jennifer Aniston, and many more stars have been asked hundreds of times about their children, forcing them to explain their decision. On social media, Chelsea Handler also began to discuss her worth as a person and her right to call herself happy. She used her 6 bestselling books, her brilliant career, and her impressive earnings as examples.

What psychologists say

By the way, according to a study by Michigan State University, the public’s reaction to Chelsea Handler’s joke is quite predictable. During the study, researchers found that childless individuals are much warmer and more understanding towards those who have children than vice versa. However, the authors did not find any differences in terms of happiness and life satisfaction between members of both groups.

The stand-up comedian hasn’t changed her worldview even after facing such a backlash. But she tried to smooth things over. Handler says that she is surrounded by her numerous nieces and nephews. Despite her unconditional love for them, she has decided that motherhood is not for her. This is not because motherhood is a bad thing, but because everyone has their own path. When we choose what is right for ourselves, we must understand that we have the strength to overcome any barriers or criticism to our desires.

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