18 People Who Had an Extra Surprise with Their Package Delivery

Shopping from home is easy. We go online, find what we’re looking for, pay for it, and then wait for our package, all from the comfort of our homes. On the other side, there is a more complex process that ends with the delivery person arriving with the package and ringing the doorbell to our happiness. Although most of the time everything goes well, sometimes we open the door to find something unexpected, as it happened to the following people.

1. “What are you trying to tell me, Alejandro?”

“Hi, my name is Alejandro. Your package is on the tree, above the mailbox.”
“Your order has been delivered. This session will expire in 5 minutes.”

2. Nothing strange going on here, it’s just... nature.

3. “The deliverer thought it was appropriate to tape my package to the wall...”

4. With just half an inch to spare

5. “The way they delivered my package”

6. “Finally received my package... This is how it came. Watched the delivery guy drop off an empty bag and drive away.”

7. “Pizza delivery guy dropped the pizzas at the end of my sidewalk.”

“Then he came up, rang the doorbell and walked past them again, and was back in his car driving off before I answered the door.”

8. Mom, there’s a man outside!

9. “Thanks, delivery service, no one’s gonna see my package now.”

10. “It must have taken skill to chuck my package with one hand and snap a photo with the other.”

11. “They left my package 20 ft from my front porch.”

12. “This is the picture they sent to say the packages were ’delivered to a family member directly.’”

13. “The picture that the delivery person took to confirm our package was delivered.”

14. Right where no one can take it

15. “Respect to the worker who quietly delivered my napping friend’s package”

16. “I felt like shouting: ’Where is the package?’ I need a clue, I can’t see it.”

17. “Ordered a speaker and it was delivered with the security device on.”

18. “Worker left a movie review with my order.”

What is your funniest experience with a delivery person or service?

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