16 Stars Who Didn’t Let Wardrobe Malfunctions Bother Them

Celebrities often appear flawless in their perfect outfits on the red carpet. But in reality, they also have their fair share of fashion mishaps: shoulder straps falling down, slits of their gowns flying apart. But that doesn’t make them any less attractive; it simply proves that they’re human, just like us.

Ben Affleck was clearly uncomfortable in his trousers. He kept adjusting them right there on the red carpet

Jessica Alba could barely keep her dress on. Oh, those thin straps

Katherine Heigl was clearly having trouble with her dress, which kept threatening to slip right off of her

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This unusual dress looked great on model Shanina Shaik. But one wrong move and she risked showing the public far more than she intended

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Zaina Dridi didn’t anticipate windy conditions on the red carpet. However, she held her outfit together with all her strength and a smile


Helen Mirren was also let down by her dress. The actress got tangled up in the train, losing her balance, but still continued to pose with dignity

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Salma Hayek’s glove got caught in her colleague’s outfit and they both found themselves in a very awkward position. However, the actress simply laughed it off

Emma Stone looked stunning in her gown at the Oscars, but its high slit inadvertently showed much more than the actress intended

Ariel Winter clearly felt uncomfortable in her high-slit dress. She didn’t expect that while walking, her outfit would become even more revealing

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Actress Christina Ricci also found herself in an awkward situation because of the long train of her dress. Even her companion seemed somewhat lost; he just smiled and shrugged

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Eva Mendes wasn’t at all worried about her wet armpits because she knows it’s natural

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Katherine Heigl wasn’t about to get upset over sweat stains either

Donatella Versace lost her balance on her high heels, tripped up, and got her luxurious dress wet, but kept on smiling brightly as if nothing had happened

Irina Shayk’s outfit ripped at the seam during the fashion show, but the model didn’t even raise an eyebrow


Beyoncé’s dress was dazzling, but had one drawback: she could only walk in it with the help of two people

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Julianne Moore struggled with seriously uncomfortable footwear, but carried on smiling as if nothing was wrong

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