At 11 Years Old, Pixie Is a Millionaire. She Earns £110,000 a Month From Toys but Is Retiring so She Can Focus on Her Schoolwork

Retirement is usually associated with people who are old enough to have had a career and a long list of professional achievements. But at 11, Pixie Curtis from Australia is ready to retire. And that’s because over the past few years she’s become a millionaire by selling toys of her own production.

Three years ago, Pixie launched her own brand.

Pixie was born in Australia to Oliver Curtis and PR guru Roxy Jacenko. She also has a younger brother, 7-year-old Hunter. When Pixie was still a newborn, her mother set up an online shop named after her daughter, Pixie’s Pix. It offers bows and all sorts of other children’s hair accessories under the Pixie’s Bows brand name. Childhood in an entrepreneurial family was not wasted time — three years ago, Pixie founded her own brand, Pixie’s Fidgets, and launched the production of spinners, pop its, and other toys popular with children and teenagers.

Her successful business earns Pixie £110,000 a month.

Pixie’s toys have become incredibly popular. After the girl took about three days to set up the new business with her mom, their products sold out in just 48 hours. The business became so successful that in 2022, Roxy announced her daughter’s intention to retire at the age of 15. However, Pixie quickly started turning a profit of £110,000 a month and became a millionaire at the age of 11. As a result, the family decided that she can easily leave the business four years earlier than expected.

Pixie plans to retire so she can focus on her studies.

Despite her huge success, Pixie has decided to leave the business, at least for the time being. Instead, the girl plans to focus on her education, as she’s about to start secondary school. Reaching this level of success so quickly has taken up a lot of Pixie’s time, so she’s looking forward to concentrating on herself.

“Pixie has decided to hang her online toy store shoes up to focus on her impending entry into high school. In short, over the past few months, we have been discussing the business plans going forward as a family and decided that [...] it was time to refocus with high school just around the corner.”

Working hard and earning £100,000 a month, Pixie also allows herself to have a good time. Her lavish birthday party became the talk of the web after it turned out that it cost over £22,000.

The party was held at the luxurious La Porte Space complex in Alexandria. There was a photo booth, a hairdresser to create interesting hairstyles, a large pizza parlor, disco balls, countless desserts, a DJ, two zebras, and even fireworks.

Some parents have commented on Roxy’s social media posts, expressing concern that her daughter is too young to lead this kind of lifestyle, even if she can afford it. Perhaps, these reactions may have also influenced Pixie’s decision to focus on her studies.

The family will continue running the Pixie’s Pix online shop.

“While the Pixie’s Pix online store will remain, it will go back to how it began in 2011 — as the best destination for children’s hair accessories and hair bows known as Pixie’s bows — something that we will continue to manage together but with a lot less time/pressure for Pixie,” said the girl’s mom. Using all her experience in the PR industry, Roxy has nurtured her daughter’s entrepreneurial spirit and helped her achieve her first success with Pixie’s Fidgets. We have no doubt that more victories are just around the corner for the young businesswoman and, judging by her plans, they will relate to her school and college studies.

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